testing 1 2 3

testing testing...

test 1, to check whether this bloggy over here's working prefectly as i'd edited some of the templates my own. [2031] 27/07/08

test 2, added the "my me i mine myself" column on the right side and picture for blog on top. [0010] 28/07/08

test 3, added then removed digital clock, changed templates, removed photo file from blogger, redirect image link to photobucket. [1007] 28/07/08

test 4, re-installed digital clock after several attempts and added happy-o-meter on the left side of the blog with blue colour scheme. ads from nuffnang is still under construction as the html isn't easily fitted into ( tried trillions attemps still fail ). updated profiles and uploaded personal picture ^^ [1537] 28/07/08

test 5, ads are working fine finally. coding arranged to fix sidebar n midbody. include cbox at bottom left and counter just below the digital time, cbox and comments on blog tested and working fine. [0324] 29/07/08

this column,

is for me and u to say anything u wan... come on, bring it on~