Monday Mourns

oh yea...
G over everything
my goodness.

i miss my uni life

. . . . . . . .
how i wish . . . . .

da sky is cryin again . . . .

ROSE - Rush On Seven Episode

alright i'm not gonna do any introduction of it, but i'm now juz all excited and geared up for the upcoming event of the launching of this game this saturday 2pm GMT+1 which is approximately 9pm GMT+8.

so to all my comrades out there, let's be prepared our minds and hearts, as we gonna try our best to rule over the community there waahhah ( yikoko day dreaming~~~ lalalal dun care~~~ )

BEWARE!! the best is yet to come~~~

dark cave above u

i switch identity again today and poofed i go, i transform into a cableman.
i receive stringent instruction to fix, and connect cables above the ceiling, under the rooftop, in the office to maintain/upgrade the current office condition.

and so i come to accomplish my goals and up up up i climb using stacks of chairs on table tops without ladder. ( i dun understand why my office doesn't own a ladder ).

It's so dark up there, it's as if there is one deep cave for you to explore around. i was told that there are aliens hiding around the corners. i had better to be careful. but dun worry, i'm well equipped with a super high-techly made device, or so called a superhero gadget---> a torchlight to gain vision, as well as to defend off the evil aliens that may be hiding around.

Well, things go on smoothly, i din fell, no aliens attacked, and those cables fixed. ^_^ the only aftermath is that i'm now well coated with thick dusk that made me filthy and sneeze non-stop.

Wat an adventerous day at work! The End!

math math n math

i tot i'll get to escape from da world of calculating alien figures after graduating but, sigh... they just never stop bugging meeeeeee!!!

a glimpse of simple calculation :

chiang chiang~ i can conclude that i'm hired to do math lols.

table tennis aka ping pong, piang....

i can't believe i lost to my bro n dad in an in-house friendly match T__T
i used to beat them like 70% but now i find it hard to even win them omgss..

on the first day when da table arrives, they got pawned 99 but after like juz 2 weeks, my killing streaks had been ended and my divine rapier dropped. now i have to farm up a new dr to stop their winning streaks..

uurghh, ping pong, here i am, pawn u~~
oh no, first blood..

this column,

is for me and u to say anything u wan... come on, bring it on~