thicker than blood

blood is thicker than water but what is thicker than blood?

i was watching heroes latest episode and eating something i duno which my mom prepared. the fact is, da food itself is not so satisfying so i added them with new zealand manuka honey, n spread them with a glass tiny spoon.

while i'm enjoying both da movie n da food, a mosquito flew by and suck on the honey instead of me. well da honey must be thicker than my blood, that even mosquitos chose it. yea da honey saves my blood and i save the honey by eating them up fast before other mosquitos come by.

( p/s: the one mosquito dat came to my honey was pinched to death as it's trapped with the very high viscousity of the honey)

creatures that were screened

why must there always a relation between vampires and lycans??
why not kangaroo and panda instead?
or maybe penguin and dog or watever...

anyway a thought come to me,
which would i choose if i would to become:

a vampire that can fly but only can appear when there isn't sunlight and can only feed on blood;

or a lycan that can jump and climb with agile but couldn't even control when to eat.

anxious moment

going to get the results later from my prof. since he had taken my sample away 1 week ago to get his own data. For some reasons i dunno why he did that without our presence, perhaps he had already lost confidence in us in handling the fragile piece of masterwork since we mishandled and destroyed quite some samples before.

anyway what i'm gonna stress here is, how come he is not caring like other profs out there where they constantly ask their fyp students of their progression, their thesis, draft etc. my prof acts a little odd by totally ignoring all of those part i mentioned above and even worst, he kept the value attained from our sample. ??? witw ??? -____-''

i can't keep waiting d, later i plan to go kick his butt together with my partner.
who's with me?

slap me please

if there is someone slapping on my face now,
i would feel better, seriously,
coz i'm so carefree even tho ther's a test tomorrow,
and wat's worse is dat i can't even decide to study or not,
since i knew studying or not will lead me to the same result.

i do have a sense of guilt for choosing the latter,
but the evil side of me is oways surpassing and oppressing.
o my, i realli dun not wanna feed da wicked,
but sometimes i still give in, witw i'm talking?

well, every time ther's a test coming by,
u'll see me blogging even more frequent,
i guess that's the rule number of procrastination
and of coz a lazy bump who always speaks yet acts not.

[ p/s : asking someone to slap doesn't indicate that i'm someone who does SM or do watsoever related abusive action ]

break record

rm 11.60 for a packet of rice from kayu originial somewhere near BJ.
it includes 2 sotongs, 1 beef and 1 vege.
simply the most expensive rice i have ever had in my entire life, so far.

one word, best described....

GILA . . .

beats gone wild

i haven't being playing drum for the past 3 months already and my hands are becoming more rusty than ever. how come all the 16-beats and triplet are not working? anyway a small hooray, as i finally get to play for the service but it sounded a little odd, or is it my worship leader? meantime, my brother is feeling guilty for arranging me to be on the guitar list for 3 whole months.

"i just feel weird telling you... "

nothing here

you are special.
the glimpse of your look,
your coolness and your arrogance.

my mind captured each presence of yours,
and they never leave the warmly space of my heart.

2 weeks to go,
and all these sufferings will be gone.

the end?

i broke another fyp sample today.

i feel like jumping down from a tall tall building.
but i won't do it, it's a one way ticket to hell.

when can i finish my fyp and stop going to the freezing lab?

i'm counting down day by day but still it's going too slow.

am i too rush in completing wat i'm doing that i ruin what i do?
i think i am.

some spices of my life

a bowl of hot n spicy lai hoe tomyam maggi and a cup of ice blended red bean juice are something that will cool me down, from some accumulated stress to bad mood swings. they do not guarantee a 100% turnout, but at least they would make my life happier.

- and shortened my life, i guess -

this column,

is for me and u to say anything u wan... come on, bring it on~