dry corpsey

i'm feeeling very low-spirited, stress out and clumsy. sometimes my soul would drift out of my physical body and wander off somewhere else, far, to a random destination, freely.

i met a fren today, i'm told that i look "chan". i simply agreed.

i've been utilising my time fully these few days. i think i need more rest. sorry i'm human.

1st day 1st smile

it is first day of the sem, everything starts anew but how long can this feeling dwells?

everyone carries new hopes in their hearts hoping they will work harder, play harder, attend more classes, and obtain better results. but do they realli put the efforts on? or is it just another dream they dreamed?

old faces seem new, and new faces definitely seem newer.
it's this 1 short month holiday that makes us all well-gap again.

before school starts, i feel dying to meet many ppl around the school n to have fun with.
now i feel like driving back home swift after class. oh gosh, wat am i thinking. i think i'm sensitive.

anyway, a bad day ends with a good start as i re-meet this fren, a long lost fren. we chatted long hours as we settle down our own feelings and off we go, to our separate ways. i'm merrier now, thx.

silence stills

an abrupt of silence always annihilates the current feels, whenever and wherever.
it happens so often that people tend to have get used to it naturally but i do feel the annoyance of this killing pause, sometimes. why sometimes? maybe i'd also been influenced to the casual mix of crowd without realizing but it does make me feel not right. it's as if there is a time out in between 2 time frames, or the time flow has got a minor breakdown and thus a pause for everyone, whether u realise it or not.

or maybe that's a time when God intervines and tells u dat u need a halt for what u're doing.
and after some seconds, all resume what we're doing without thinking why the pause for.

~lalala~ many things we couldn't explain, nor can we find the answers, but what realli matter is,
have u get notice of the unquestionable behaviour in our daily life and how do you respond to it.

holiday ends

juz a sum up of wat i did recently since all of us were so busy wif our "last minute" holidaying lol?

sports like maniac as if all so kiasu that our body will rot in no time, and trying to stay on shape or to "shape a shape". yamchar day n nite, as in afternoon tea n supper as if we will never see each other for quite some time, ( kinda true ) , chasing dramas over dramas ( especially korean ones ^^ ), and having CS more often than Dota since my elder brudder came back home with a new router, n now 3 of us are having much fun everyday, in short CS binds us together? lol.

wat's next? i duno but it does smell good.

last sem is happening. n it's happening very soon. working life is at the verge but i'm stil no ready for it. shud i get master instead? *enlighten me plzzz*


6ppl standing in a line under the cemented poll of a basketball rim,
squeezing, sandwiched, n jostling yet just wouldn't willing to leave da queue.
Moreover, half of 'em are somehow well-built with muscle or concentrated fat,
yet these 6ppl stick almost skintoskin distance waiting for something, to happen.
this, is what we define sohainess, or in short sohai.

these 6ppl aren't juz waiting for something usual,
they are waiting for the heavy rain to stop despite of the very
superbly gloomy dimly shady dark *fillinyourbrilliantvocabshere* clouds
all over the sky with no chance of sunlight to be seen.

now, it makes sense why these 6ppl aren't moving around
because they wanna prevent those downpour from reaching their heads
as there is nowhere to hide, and the nearest shaded place, would be
200m away with long staircase.

the rain gets heavier, and the cemented pillar no longer
protects these 6ppl from the incoming H2O and so these 6ppl
scattered, and enter a 4wheeldrive which is parked nearby.
now this is more sohai, they could have enter the vehicle earlier
but their sohainess kept them so. as a result? they all got
pretty drenched n soaky and yet they stay inside the vehicle.
The 4wheeldrive become flooded with perspiration n rainy water.

it lasted not long until one of them suggest to play basketball
despite of the saddening weather and the "swimmingpool" court.
all agreed in unity and here comes again a bunch of sohais running
out of the 4wheeldrive to play unbounceable basketball under the heavy rain.

a normal sport session become a laughing stocks when
those 6ppl keep falling down due to the slippery conditions
and normal shot balls become air balls ( the ball shot in the air
without even close to the rim or even touches the board ) .
there are not much passing of the ball,
but instead recollecting back of the ball which they lost control of.

well? wat to do?
a bunch of sohais that have nothing to do in the evening
do sohai things to keep them occupied.

NOW what can YOU learn....

the word -- SOHAI.
you can use sohai as a pronoun, e.g. "oi sohai, get into the vehicle now! "
you can use sohai as an adjective, e.g. "realli sohai weather! wanna play ball also cannot!"
you can use sohainess as a noun, e.g. "their sohainess kept them from entering the vehicle."
you can use sohaing as verb, e.g. "the 6ppl are sohaing under the rain."
and many more! this word mite be valid in the dictionary in 1 or 2 years time!!
so learn to use it now b4 it's too late??!

sandwich and i

i made myself a triple layer sandwich for supper laz nite.
peanutbutter, cheese and bacon in between of wholemeal bread. yummy.
it's a weird combination i know, but as long as it tasted good,
who cares huh? everything start from creativity rite?
or else there would be no new recipe for the n-years to come.
and speaking of it, i feel like i'm like inoue orihime,
a character from the animation bleach who adds everything
she likes and make it a bento for herself. or sometimes sandwich like me lol.

the sickest thing happened this morning,
when i told my mom how i made my sandwich n how it tasted so greatly.

then she asked, "how u cook it?"

i startled for a while, then i say, "cook wat? sandwich onli, need cook wan mehh?"

again she replied, "the bacon, how u cook it?"

my face turn green n pale, i touch my stomach and gulp.
oh dear, have i prayed before i eat the sandwich last nite?
i panicked a while yet i remain cool and calm outwardly,
and say, "aiyahh nvm wan laa, ppl eat sashimi also no cook one maa."
we both laugh.

duuh, then i remember she put those bacon nicely on top
of a small plate in the fridge together with those cheese and butter.
i thought they were cooked n readi to be served, like those hams we eat.
but they weren't!!! nooooooooooooooooo.

no pain no gain

i strained my hand,
during one of my basketball session.
or there mite be a tare in the muscle i duno.
juz feel pain once i stretch my hand straight.

there's pain ther,
and the gains i got are holidays n resting
as well as prohibitation of playing of ball
until i'm fully recover.
oh great.

ronald mcdonald?

i kiiiiiiilled 298 ronalds in element td out of boredom.

finally i managed to end the first part of the game,
as the game instructed, at least.
and should i believe that no one ever
beats the second part of the game.
dun ask me why or how,
it's the way they created it.
it's juz another method of telling u that
u'd finish the game n shud u move ur ass on.

ronalds, they are so cuuuute!!
i believe the more i look at 'em,
the more i'm craving for mcd. lol.

number of days since i last eaten mcd?
ermm shud be dat day where i went sg dua's mcd
n saw our fren wif his mate.
huhuhu~ times flies.. ><

GO!! dun hesitate!

below are the conversations i had with the petrol attender

petrolguy : he he he, getting all pumped huh, going out for a date?

theloner : oh? no la, juz go for some matches of games.

petrolguy : dun bluff la diu, i heard wat u said wif ur fren. dun worry, just tell your date in da face that u like her. dun hesitate!

theloner : walao eh, u wan me dead? how can.

petrolguy : ya lah, haven't u notice all those pretty girls usualli got ugly
bfs and handsome guys like us got ugly gfs.

theloner : *laugh* yea ho, now that u mention, why liddat one, so unfair.

petrolguy : u know why ar? coz usualli those wif handsome face they wan
jaga their binzhui ma, they scared to be rejected, so they never try.
Unlike those wif ahtu ahkao's face, they always got pretty gfs. why leh?
coz wif their face they got no binzhui to jaga ad, so they confess anything they
feel la, without any hesitation. very often they are the ones that got
accepted because they did try.

theloner : oo ya ho, no wonder la, now i understand why everytime we grumble
those pretty ones got ugly bfs. lololol.

( ok juz a joke between 2 guys, it carries no hidden meaning nor to "shoot" anyone. )


for those who lived along with me before
would know that i usually sleepwalking brushwalking.

eh brushwalking?
it means that whenever i brush my teeth, i would
walk here n there, surf the net, msn chatting
or even do slightliest stuff to occupy the boredom.
or in short to be a multitasker as our generation usualli be.

so it come to a time,
when i'm so carry away with doing my
brushwalking thing, and reading some blogs,
a thought come to my mind reminding the words of
my brother earlier saying he would buy parit buntar's
laksa and ice kacang for me tomorrow noon as lunch.

at that instance, i gulp.
but this time, with the large amount of toothpaste,
white fluffy bubbles, mint flavored, n bitterly taste.

almost puke several times, i try goggles numerous time
and yes it only help soothes a little. at least it does i say.

lesson i learnt, is not, to not multitask,
but shud keep ur mind concentrated to what your doing,
and even what u're thinking. ahhh.. wat a day~~

haji haji

to celebrate our malaysian haji haji day,
we, some buddies set go to one of our house,
to feast and play as to learn more bout racial integration.

but after 5 hours of our tiring mind trashing,
we finally come out with 3 losers which would
then accept our forfeit including pumping n running
round the sg ara field, naked. but we haven't carry out
our judgement, coz of time constrain and due to
the calling of our stomach to be eased.

hence we head for mamak dawood which is
famous for its maggi goreng ( at least we think dat way )
but because of haji haji, only to our dismay that
they alreadi shut it off by the time we reach
which is at 3am.

sadly yet thoughtful,
we reroute to yellow house pelita.
hoho, talking about yellow house sure cannot miss
net city and infinity.

we go for a daring challenge
and oppsieee... got pawned seriosly lololol.
and da funniest part is dat everyone of us
scream n teased as we got killed repeatedly.
n i'm da one screaming da loudest,
until some frens from other side also know
i'm there by the familiar screams of mine ^^!!

we adjourned our jorney at almost 7am.
tired, yet memorable.
as we, as one, as malaysian,
come together, to celebrate,
da public holiday we got out of 14 days
a year.

happi haji haji to all who're celebrating it.
may God bless u!

chain reaction

i learnt something after havin a misjudge.

when someone is joking,
dun treat it as a pure joke,
it may contain sinister elements.

when someone is serious,
dun treat it so darn seriously,
coz dat's the best time to be joked.

when someone is seriously joking,
juz be quiet n listen watever da fella tells,
coz u will never know wat's going on
and it's da time where u would fall for traps.

and when somone is in deep shit, but stil joke,
DUN EVER MAKE A NOISE or anything.
dun ask me wat shud you do.
coz i duno wat to do as well.

sometimes we take things for granted,
and treat everything lightly,
till the time comes of seriousness n troubled,
then onli we're left to regret n reflect.

sometimes we hurt ppl without knowing
that they are hurt, but we do apologies n repent
after knowing the truth.

but how about those ppl that we hurt,
and the truth that are still unsolved in our eyes?

be more sensitive to our frens around.
be more caring.
and learn to appreciate.


here am i bloging in the morning,
as i finally make a breakthrough ( again )
of waking up early and sleeping early. woo hoo cheers.

gonna hav breakfast at the market d...
wah... i can't believe it,
i wanna hav hokkien maggi loh cham th'ng.
for those late sleepers that are trying to
amend their lifestyle juz like me,
those fed up of getting up late in the afternoon,
and trying to doze off around 4-5am,
keep on trying,
u would succeed one day,
juz like me. wakakakka!!!

this column,

is for me and u to say anything u wan... come on, bring it on~