sick and stranded...

this is how it's like when u fell sick...

Lesson Learnt

next time when someone hands over u a job which doesn't belong to you, never take it!

else u're gonna have more troubles and fires.

to think of it, why couldn't that person pass that specific job to u? or is it known problematic already? i'm such a naive person, but it's ok, i've learn my lesson. No next time.


Hi Peter,
The mgt has decided to maintain the schedule for the pressure gauge calibration.
There will be no change for the schedule .

Alice Saw
ESD, Calibration, Product Safety
Celestica Kulim (CMY) save any trouble, she insist on following the earlier scheduled plan without further discussing with the team. damn her....there goes my saturday afternoon, nite, and sunday.

c&c 4,anyone?

juz finish dl'ed my sc2 beta cracked version with AI maps, wakakaka~~ gonna play tonite, hope it's playable.. gonna see wat blizzard so great about.... at the meantime, i saw this game c&c 4 tiberian twilight when i was reading newspaper this noon and it stirs my interest up once again as c&c game has always being one of my fav strategy game.

so after i dl'ed my sc2, i source for c&c 4's reviews and disappointingly, the reviews are as bad as a rotten bread grown with malicious fungus ready to be thrown away, nope should be incinerated instead. c&c's performance has being deteriorating ever since it's first release, and yet they produced a disappointment for their final c&c series. gg!

yikes, luckily blizzard is still on my top list company for gaming, and i'm sooooooo keen for d3 to be released!! year 2011? hope it doesn't drag til 2012.

sports, in my opinion...

"I used to play badminton a lot, but that was 10 years ago when i was still fit and young. . . "

"i'd played rugby, but now with my kids around, i could hardly find time to play, and it's even harder for me and my friends to slot in time for sports as we have our own family to manage..."

"That was the good old days when we still have the energy to run here and there, stunts and fakes, now it's just simple move that helps us to sweat a little... "

I ate with some manager levels ppl that day when i'm out with a customer, all i can hear are as mentioned above, and it's kinda sad when i can see their faces turn a little bit down reminiscing all the deeds they do when they were young.

How many more years can we still enjoy sports to the fullest? as in, in fit to do every stunts, all the moves, and not mourning about getting old and rust? 10 years? 15 years? I dun wanna be like any of them, regretting that they had miss out such fun. i wanna enjoy to the fullest before i get old.

last nite kinda fun~ i realised i gained back some agility, not much but at least some, when i blocked numerous times and even steal twice XD. Tho my stamina and shooting cum personal strength are still lacking, but i'm determined to improve back to the old times, of coz through more frequent exercises. I simply love sports. I realli do. =)

worn out march

time flies whenever one is busy...
now is alreadi 26th of march 2010, and here i'm finally let loose a little bit.

Today no field trips/site cal or watever u like to call it, i was assigned to read some procedures specifically today due to the responsibility i held in my hand for handling the PT testing from NML ( National Metrology Laboratory ). I'm also being assigned to do the hardest calibration ( as far as i'm know ) on dimensional part which is to calibrate block gauges. I understand the importance of upholding such jobs as i was told to acquire approve signatory from Standards of Malaysia by this coming august.

Given work over time, i've long discarded the projects given on DMM and Spectophotography. I think i'm gonna get screwed for not being able to obtain accreditation, for particularly this two. Well i hope A-company will help me with one of the scopes in return of favor that we helped them last time.

I've been working in and out, not being able to stay in my own lab for almost 3 weeks, and i'm kinda worn up until there's a time i even think of giving up this job. I'm so glad today's friday, that i can put away all these for a rest for 2 days during weekend.

Realli looking forward for the retreat this coming june, hopefully we all can rest our mind peace.

friday friday~~~ wee~~

arghhh, it has become a common issue that our world's clock become slower and slower each time it hits friday. ( that only applies to when we are working ) Work work work, then look at the clock, then "huh? how come da pointer doesn't move one?" continue working... then look again, omg, it already passed 5 minutes nia.. lolz.

but anyway, whether it's slow or fast, it's still friday~!! hooray, meaning i can stay up late and wake up late da next day yiipeeeeee! i juz love friday, but if given the working time on friday to be made faster, omg, i can't imagine how much more joy i would have XD

* day dreaming me, knocks my head and get back to work, still keep checking the clock =P *

boy ah boy

nah, this one ah boy eh, rm 4.60~~ =.=

leh~le~, wa 24 liaw, still call me ah boy!! i still look so young kaa? hmmm...

guan lai si aneh kuan

eeek, after 7 months of working baru tao the most strict standard in calibration is not national standard but military standard @@. and when we learn more, we gotta remember some clause and laws too macam laywer. "According to clause bla bla bla la la la, phrase wat wat chapter na na na... bla bla didi du du du... " wah lao.. when am i gonna learn them all?

ptptn, is it time?

hey, juz wanna know any of u out there start paying back ptptn?

this column,

is for me and u to say anything u wan... come on, bring it on~