friday friday~~~ wee~~

arghhh, it has become a common issue that our world's clock become slower and slower each time it hits friday. ( that only applies to when we are working ) Work work work, then look at the clock, then "huh? how come da pointer doesn't move one?" continue working... then look again, omg, it already passed 5 minutes nia.. lolz.

but anyway, whether it's slow or fast, it's still friday~!! hooray, meaning i can stay up late and wake up late da next day yiipeeeeee! i juz love friday, but if given the working time on friday to be made faster, omg, i can't imagine how much more joy i would have XD

* day dreaming me, knocks my head and get back to work, still keep checking the clock =P *

boy ah boy

nah, this one ah boy eh, rm 4.60~~ =.=

leh~le~, wa 24 liaw, still call me ah boy!! i still look so young kaa? hmmm...

guan lai si aneh kuan

eeek, after 7 months of working baru tao the most strict standard in calibration is not national standard but military standard @@. and when we learn more, we gotta remember some clause and laws too macam laywer. "According to clause bla bla bla la la la, phrase wat wat chapter na na na... bla bla didi du du du... " wah lao.. when am i gonna learn them all?

ptptn, is it time?

hey, juz wanna know any of u out there start paying back ptptn?

question of the year

lai lai, ask u guys, for all those who love yikoko ( <--- sh*t, bin puei gao ) and care for him,

should I get myself a facebook account?

lol. would realli like to hear ur feedback. k, come shoot.

feb's first tues

february eh tuesday lai liaooo... in a blink of eyes it's goonaaa be tong tong tong chiang, hey! tong tong tong chiang hey! tong tong tong chiang tong chiang tong chiang! hey hey! so kincheong.. >.< frens from all parts of the world will be coming back!! that includes our vege lover from aussi!! hooo hoooo, hope him and another fren working in melaka infenion now will meet together and there goes the war of "Muscles and Work; Muscles after Working". wakakaka.

furthermore, this time on our visit to our beloved primary school teacher, gonna be packed with lotsa ppl coz many will be bringing the other half, can't wait to see everyone! crowded! weee yay! hope this bbq at lin lao shi house gonna work.

tong tong tong chiang!! i'm alreadi in cny mood. la la la la~~ lelelele~ cannot concentrate on working >.< someone has to point a gun on my head to make me start working! hong bao na lai hong bao na lai~~~

this column,

is for me and u to say anything u wan... come on, bring it on~