which is which?

bah muai or bak moi??

juz a random stupid thing to do when i'm free in da company lolz.

jizz in my pant?

a video recommended by rag. nice hilarious vid. but i actualli duno wat's da meaning of... jizz in my pant..

bye bye yikoko

yikoko is sent to melaka....

ma lou

ma lou,
is a word introduced by D.
somehow it's related to something bad but no one knows wat actualli da meaning is. ( maybe some do but i just couldn't figure out what it is. )

D says, go ask kl ppl, they should know.
but i've asked a few, and they dun seem to know.
well, i guess i'll hav to ask everyone around here whether someone knows
wat's da real meaning?
ma lou?

yes u, ma lou...

i'm still with my outing cloths.. with tight jeans and belly appearing t-shirt on..
i dun feel i wanna do any other things but to look at the walls with my gloomy orangy lights on.
i'm such a stone.

someone plz crack this stone using a solid hammer.
i mean a real hard hammer that can slice this piece of rubbish into dust.

lying flat on da floor, tilting his head over one side and starring at the ceiling is juz wat he can do.
grow up and stop thinking bout urself plz,
ppl around u need ur help, stop being selfish.

yikoko u're such a bastard.

the show, not da big show, but lenka

a music i like a darn lot currently...sweeeeet... =)

short or long?

arggghh!! gonna go to do my haircut later.. ><
which one shud i choose this time?
i had many versions of hairdo previously as i'm always
inspired to have new looks, onli on my hair le T_T
so wat should i be choosing this time?

i wan constructive opinions!!
givit to me babeh!!!!! woow woow wow woww~
givit to meee babeeehh!!! wooowoowowoo!!
and alll gals say WOW for yikokooo!!

i'm feeling...

Yikoko is being very productive today tho he had slept late yesternite. Is it because he earned a table and a spot of his own in da office yesterday? Or is it he had a very nice breakfast before he gets to work? Or maybe there are some other reasons that are making him being so enthusiastic in the stuff he’s doing? God knows.. but yikoko is quite cheerful and lively today. Yay!

( p/s : the sky is crying outside but the heart shines XD ^__^ )

an odd encounter

yesterday, i went to dua bui yi's economic rice for lunch,
a place where da dish is good but somehow expensive if anyone
take things for granted and without not much a consideration.
for instance, i remembered D, having his lunch there, wif a total of rm 8 after
my recommendation to him eating there. To my dismay, i'm not well-thanked
but kena screwed pulak..

*** =.=! nx time no intro to D for new eating places. hng!

i took a taogua, potato, egg, and a vege. my mom and dad having
to eat together wif me had their portion of dishes and all together the
total sum was just rm 8.50. I told mom bout how much D spent on a single
meal and we both laugh. "uu lui lang si aneh kuan eh... " <-- one conclusion we made.lol.
no offence D, but u realli are ma...

then then, da dua bui yi somehow stand beside me when i was half way having
my asam hu which is one of my fav. and say to my mom, "lu eh kia aneh sui, hamik su
bo seh ka zeh...."

i was thinking deep n depth, hamik sui? entao ka tiok.. sui??? = =!!
we all laughed.

wat an experience~

friday weee~

tomorrow friday looo...
happi happi happi!!
a break for 2 days during weekends is refreshing enuff.

this column,

is for me and u to say anything u wan... come on, bring it on~