it's friday!

p p p pokerr face p p poker faceee
mah mah mah maaaahhhh

so sien lah... my company potong all food allowances for field trips and OT. sien die.......
nx time i dun wan work late d... no cheok sou........ waste energy, waste money, waste game time!
samo health hazardous, and when sick, kena potong gaji for unable to produce MC for the second day. haihz....

now i wan curi tulang. so beh syiok. hng!


and darn, i juz found out the company has onli 9 or 10 holidays this year?? what the.. samo include all those saturdays as holidays which suppose is a non working day sweat

i hate getting sick

well u guys know getting sick is kinda troublesome.. u dun get to eat those things u like to eat, and u get to eat those things u hate most. okay but that's not all, for my case, i realli dislike being sick. coz my parents willl always have the same reaction.

Har?? sick again? ask u dun sleep late alreadi, dun play too much games. Drink more water la!

this is da responds i get everytime when i got into sick. no matter wat kinda sickness is it. so it's quite annoying u see. even tho u feel tired, or some headache during working, they will always repeat the same phrase all over n over again.

haihz.. v sien loh

failed, please try again

my original plan was to wake up at 630am and go for basketball on my own since it has been quite some time i didn't make any sports related activities. so i decided to do a breakthrough and build back some muscles which i think had already being converted to fat earlier on.

630am - i woke up, yeah it's on time, but my body can't move! it's as if i'm no longer in control of my own body, i can just move zombiely around my room and puff there i go back lying on the bed again. oh yea and before i get back to sleep, i managed to magically set my hp alarm clock to 730am without my sound mind. amazing.

730am - i realise i've failed my plan when i wake up this time, as the sky is getting brighter and i can hear noises outside my room and house. big NO!!

if i put all these in a game scenario, i'll be looking at a screen with dark color background and some usual words will appear like this :

u've being defeated!
please try again u noob!

gahhh, but i dun give a darn to it, gonna go for second attempts when i'm ready. =)

i wan sleep earlier! dunoo fish how many fish in the morning......
tried to sleep earlier each nite but the temptation is so strong...

gahh.......daily quest~~~~~ =.=

lady lala, animal planet

Rama, rama-rama
Gaga, ular-ular...
there goes the animal planet.

eyes can see, body cannot move

today kinda work until very tired coz did quite some weight lifting at hospital. then samo OT till almost 9pm, whole body become senseless d then on my way back, pass through this basketball court around my neighbourhood with LIGHTS ON. omg... i so tempted to go, but i can't. my body simply shuts me down from doing anything. i just feel like going home take a long bath and soak into my own room and sit motionlessly.

well i did it at last, but guess wat? body is regen, but mind is more damaged.

sigh, i shud sleep more, rest more, and maybe go play wif my dog. >.<

best game ever!

looking for a game which u can release ur accumulated stress?

looking for a game which u can shout out ur joy and pleasure?

looking for a game which will never get bored or out dated?

if u are someone who are looking for those above, then i strongly recommend you,
this game...

i noe i noe, it's an old game, but good game never gets old isn't it?

ask ur self, wat other games provide such good laugh to u?

answer is "NO"

therefore i strongly proposed this game is still, the best game ever, lolz.

yet another hero lolz... ( since everyone is becoming one... )

there i go...kl v sien..

going down tomorrow afternoon...

will be back in 1 or 2 days time.

how many km to go?

duhz i'm getting more n more fed up wif dimensional stuff especially when u have to deal with stuff from micron to km using hand power. how long should i endure more?

this column,

is for me and u to say anything u wan... come on, bring it on~