failed, please try again

my original plan was to wake up at 630am and go for basketball on my own since it has been quite some time i didn't make any sports related activities. so i decided to do a breakthrough and build back some muscles which i think had already being converted to fat earlier on.

630am - i woke up, yeah it's on time, but my body can't move! it's as if i'm no longer in control of my own body, i can just move zombiely around my room and puff there i go back lying on the bed again. oh yea and before i get back to sleep, i managed to magically set my hp alarm clock to 730am without my sound mind. amazing.

730am - i realise i've failed my plan when i wake up this time, as the sky is getting brighter and i can hear noises outside my room and house. big NO!!

if i put all these in a game scenario, i'll be looking at a screen with dark color background and some usual words will appear like this :

u've being defeated!
please try again u noob!

gahhh, but i dun give a darn to it, gonna go for second attempts when i'm ready. =)

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