haji, holiday, GOODNESS

yay, what a pleasant day.
nothing to say anymore. how am i doing?

u say.

sleepless nite

oh i can't sleep!! oh can i?

i dun think so.
something's bothering me.
it's 2012!!
eh wait, is it 2012?

look at the clock! it's merely 620am!!
i better get some sleep before the sun shines...

i can stream!

yeah! it's so relaxing listening to "when love story meet viva la vida" while enjoying the video from youtube. it has been a long time since i last be able to stream. it's friday midnite guys!! the day i waited for the whole week! it's the best time that i can online with my current unbeatable connection.

i'm not gonna waste my 1week waiting time just by sleeping. i wanna stream stream stream~

*listening music really soothes me lot especially those instrumental musics*

sorry hito, no dota for u n me

gosh, looking at my current condition of connection, the only time i can play dota is on friday midnite, i mean saturday early morning. but it seems like we both never make it. gotta wait for another week to see how it goes.

MY GOODNESS~~ now i'm realli screaming~~


Sigh... my connection to the internet has deteriorate terribly for the past few weeks. Thanks to tmnet now i can hardly enjoy my online game and even streaming movies.

i called up tmnet after some struggling during playing online game. imagine urself being put into a core of the party where u are responsible to support everyone, and most importantly, to heal the gonna-damned player. Most of the time, i see people around me in the game died coz of my delay and spikes and i can't do anything bout it but to watch my screen hang, and at the same time listening my teammate being emo coz of their death. I've been very much depress as i'm so helpless in the situation where i duno what can i contribute more.

streaming a youtube takes almost like a lifetime duration. yep i'm exagerating, but it really pass my threshold of being patient when u wait for 5 minutes and it only loads for 3 secs. GOOD JOB~

and so it come to the day where they finally send a guy to my house to do the things they suppose to do. as expected, standard procedures. they know nothing, capable of doing nothing. what that guy was stressing was all bout frequent disconnection or cannot connect to the internet. that's all! the end. any other things that u have a problem with, it's out of his job, or he will say "ini bukan dlm bidang saya!!" "kan kamu boleh connect internet? nah lihat, boleh browse!! " sweat.

then another joke of the day, i mention that my line goes smooth after 1am or so. then to act smart he come out with this idea, "nah nah, line macam penang bridge maa, ada masa jam, ada masa tak jam, bila jam kereta semua slow lahh, bila tak jam kereta laju!" and i replied, "eh, i pay rm 110 each month so that i can use my line after 1am? and that i can onli use that few midnite hours onli? then why not u quote me another price instead of rm 110? maybe rm 11? so that it would be fair for both?" and off his mouth shut. Come on, congestion stuff, understand but please extend line or change port or something, dun try to give excuses that he himself know nothing more bout.

then again i said, previously my line was good, until recently, where i see many telekom ppl with the orange costume camping around the port beside the roads at my housing area. they must hav done something that causes this. he told me that they were doing an upgrade as there are more people suscribing to streamyx. he also say that it's an upgrade so my line should be faster. again, i check the speedtest in front of him and he himself say, "eh.. lambat jugak .. mengapa eh??" my pekcekness lvl increase again. eh, u're the technical guy from tmnet, u suppose to know this more, but how come u're throwing me back the question?

after some bias trade of information, ( it seems like we, normal users know much more than a technician from tmnet, wat a shame! ) he finally uses his ultimate resolve, asking me call to another line, this time the HQ in kl. well wat to do? juz listen to him. and after 10 - 15 minutes of repeated calls, we finally made through the hell jam of the line, and i need to explain everything to another person, and he just ask me to check my ping, if there is a single line of requesting time out, then it means frequent disconnection. then he ask the technician guy to solve his job because it's because of frequent disconnection. MY GOODNESS~ i can see how they pass the ball around, to and fro, go and return. so irresponsible.

hence we go for a second try, and waited another 10 minutes to get through the hassle, and another second level office attended. here again, me explaining everything to him for the third time in the last 2 hours duration, and his final resolution or his mean to escape for all the trouble is, even far more better, "KL SIDE memang sedang UPGRADE, kamu tunggu tahun depan, CONNECTION kamu akan baik semula....." WOW!! tunggu tahun depan!!! HALLO!! how can i wait another 2 more months while u guys just sit, eat ur kuih and relax and telling ur customers this kinda lame excuses? urghh, i'm so pissed. realli.

but wat can i do? i tried other alternatives, penangfon is onli available for limited condos/apartments, and p1 is still expanding age and not yet covered my area, other broadband has their bad testimonies also from my frens. wat to do? call them again loh, keep calling. call till phone pecah also wanna call.

then then one nite i call again, and after explaining the whole incident again, he finally say he will send a special team to my house the next morning. a "special team"... konon... hito says last time they sent him a ALPHA TEAM. now a special team to mine pula. well nothing much i can do but to wait and hope that they wil fix all these the next morning.

and so i waited the whole morning to almost noon and no one appeared nor a single phone call. I kacau them again and they say, "oh they must be very busy, nevermind, i'll highlight this report again and tell them to come over ur place." end of story. looooook at this ?? how can they be so....ignorant. walao. i wan faint. no. i fainted. then in the midst of fainting, a guy rang me up and say, "eh lu jangan fon tmnet lagi tao? lu phone sana, mereka akan hantar saya pi lumah lu saja. jangan fon lagi, tao tak? jangan fon lagi." i ask then what on earth you wan me to do if i wanted to complain more? he gave me a hp number and say that's da line u can complain to, but dun call tmnet again. wat de....... first time i experience ppl call to your place and ask u not to call to their complain centre. kengz. this is malaysia come on, live with it, if not, go out lah..........

this column,

is for me and u to say anything u wan... come on, bring it on~