burn baby burn

finally i'm getting some space to sit down and write wat i've been doing recently.

alright straight to the point, today's thursday, which means my study week will be ended in 3 days time. and yeah!! i still have to worry about my fyp stuff, writing thesis and having nightmares every single night thinking that my BELOVED Dr.sohail will ask me to go back to the lab to get more results. ( dr.sohail is my supervisor's name, dun get me wrong i'm not insulting him by changing his name to uknowwhatimtalking )

the good news is, me n my lab partner had decided not to go lab anymore, after getting burn under the sun for getting readings of our solar cells. talk about this, eh, there's a machine that can produce controlled intensity of lights, current n voltage in which usualli all people use it to test their solar cells, but ours is a different case. we have to climb up to the rooftop in the building of our school, to use our flesh to detect the heat n sunlight, then take our measurements using conventional idiotic ways. we knew the results will be more inaccurate, thinking about da ever changing condition of the sky, humidity, clouds, temperature, impurities of surrounding, angle of lights etc, yet we were forced to do it by dr.sohail's way. hooray. we got ourselves beautiful tanned body.

now that we finally got wat we think we should get, we packed everything down and ready to move back home, and dr.sohail appears in nowhere suddenly and say, "in 1 or 2 days time, u guys should go to the lab down there to get a better measurements using the machines where normally ppl use it to get the intensity." *faint* hooray again.

that's when we decided to call it an end by just manipulating the value we got earlier from the sun itself. i know it's wrong and it's not the way scientist should do it but, eh, there's exams coming on monday and i haven't being reading anything and there's much thesis to be done. i can't waste more days secluded in the lab and ignore the fact that there are exams coming.

everyone's busy doing their revision, some preparing viva, me? thesis, in which everyone already passed it up one week plus ago. well, i have this priviledge to hand it in late, the bad news is, the due date is during exam period. i'll have to make sacrifce on choosing whether to rush my thesis and ruin my exams, or the other way round. i feel so blessed?

alright i should get going now, what do i do next? alright, thesis i think. till then~

this column,

is for me and u to say anything u wan... come on, bring it on~