eating snake before lunch

teee heee, see-ing me here means i dun hav to go kulim today.
muahahaha.. some other guy go field work instead of me. lala la~

actualli was eagerly looking forward to the coming new year eve celebration together with all those who are close to me. huhuh meaning we gonna hav a realli good time. can't wait for it!! tick tock tick tock...

dota competition?

aleh, so old d still get myself involve in this kinda thing~
feel kinda awkward tim...
but no choice wert, 4 lack 1, someone has to fill in the slot,
and i'm not tooo rusty yet hahahahaha..

alright, looking forward in this competition coming soon.

Greatest Job in the World

I was assigned to do this special job.

Basically my task is to roll a small wheel and count the number of rotations and the counter that comes together with the equipment. so after some experiments and calculations, i find that it requires 30 rotations to travel 10 counters which carry the unit of meter. In short, 30 rotations = 10m.

The fun part begins when i was asked to do 300, 000 rotations. 100 kilometers on very super small palm size wheel. hooray!!!! imagine i gonna travel from penang to ipoh on a small palm size of wheel, how long will i take for me to reach the destination? and btw, it's not automated. i got to use human flesh to turn it round and round and trust me, it aint got any handheld grip for u to even hold it. gonna use ur finger, poke it in the hole, and turn for 300, 000 rounds, yeah!

I travelled 1km using finger today, it took around 1 hour plus for me and my finger has alreadi become swollen. 99km to go tomorrow~~ la la la la la~

what does a straw do?

a straw is used to poke people, to cause them to sustain serious external injuries. XD

new layout... pawned~

testing testing...finally new layout...hehehe
but is complicated...(=.=) <-----noob anyway...tats all for long got a new layout...ahaha

working as a worker

i dun like the feeling of working for the sake of just finishing what is to be done. when there are lots of workloads piling up mountain-high, everyone will automatically transform into a timed senseless robot to clear off the accumulating mountain work but when all the jobs are done, everyone become headless chicken, heading northwesteastsouth, idling, having no direction and objective in the work place. something is missing out there. hmm.

this column,

is for me and u to say anything u wan... come on, bring it on~