Greatest Job in the World

I was assigned to do this special job.

Basically my task is to roll a small wheel and count the number of rotations and the counter that comes together with the equipment. so after some experiments and calculations, i find that it requires 30 rotations to travel 10 counters which carry the unit of meter. In short, 30 rotations = 10m.

The fun part begins when i was asked to do 300, 000 rotations. 100 kilometers on very super small palm size wheel. hooray!!!! imagine i gonna travel from penang to ipoh on a small palm size of wheel, how long will i take for me to reach the destination? and btw, it's not automated. i got to use human flesh to turn it round and round and trust me, it aint got any handheld grip for u to even hold it. gonna use ur finger, poke it in the hole, and turn for 300, 000 rounds, yeah!

I travelled 1km using finger today, it took around 1 hour plus for me and my finger has alreadi become swollen. 99km to go tomorrow~~ la la la la la~

this column,

is for me and u to say anything u wan... come on, bring it on~