they are realli maniacs.. lol..
sorri i dun mean to be rude, but this is wat i can say from signals sent from my eyes lol.
gals or guys.. they are all maniacsssss wakakaa~

no wonder they can be soooo darn good in so many aspects...


went hiking wif frens today.
i was da last one following behind, panting, breathing heavily.
i admit i'm weak, and lack of stamina when it comes to hiking.
my accumulating fat from doing nothing at home must have contributed to my clumsiness when i move. oh gosh... noooooo.. i dun wan to be like... hooho..

anyway, thx for asking me out.
i'll be bored to death if u guys did not approach me.
thx. ^^

unusual schedule

instead of confining himself in da same usual spot in front of computer,
yikoko went basketball-ing with his frens in the evening to breathe some fresh air.


life has being very unfair for me.
now that all of my misery had been put to a stop,
my entertainment too has being totally cut off.

even no one plays dota or even yamchar.

initially my plan was to have some fun after all the
hectic months of rushing thesis, fyp and exams, but
after all the tasks everything goes into ashes and
then thin air.

no trips, no outings, no shopping. n yes, no games.

maybe this is a sign of getting a job, n i mean it.

well, one sad thing is..
i dunno wat am i going to tell my frens when they ask,
hey dude, where did u go for ur vacation after graduating?
i would say, home sweet home :)

in my entire life in my uni,
i've juz got to go cameron. lol ftw.
3 years = 1 cameron

anyway i'm very lonely at this point,
perhaps i shud find a gf. lol. to be accompanied.
at least i won't feel alone that way.

this column,

is for me and u to say anything u wan... come on, bring it on~