dry corpsey

i'm feeeling very low-spirited, stress out and clumsy. sometimes my soul would drift out of my physical body and wander off somewhere else, far, to a random destination, freely.

i met a fren today, i'm told that i look "chan". i simply agreed.

i've been utilising my time fully these few days. i think i need more rest. sorry i'm human.

1st day 1st smile

it is first day of the sem, everything starts anew but how long can this feeling dwells?

everyone carries new hopes in their hearts hoping they will work harder, play harder, attend more classes, and obtain better results. but do they realli put the efforts on? or is it just another dream they dreamed?

old faces seem new, and new faces definitely seem newer.
it's this 1 short month holiday that makes us all well-gap again.

before school starts, i feel dying to meet many ppl around the school n to have fun with.
now i feel like driving back home swift after class. oh gosh, wat am i thinking. i think i'm sensitive.

anyway, a bad day ends with a good start as i re-meet this fren, a long lost fren. we chatted long hours as we settle down our own feelings and off we go, to our separate ways. i'm merrier now, thx.

silence stills

an abrupt of silence always annihilates the current feels, whenever and wherever.
it happens so often that people tend to have get used to it naturally but i do feel the annoyance of this killing pause, sometimes. why sometimes? maybe i'd also been influenced to the casual mix of crowd without realizing but it does make me feel not right. it's as if there is a time out in between 2 time frames, or the time flow has got a minor breakdown and thus a pause for everyone, whether u realise it or not.

or maybe that's a time when God intervines and tells u dat u need a halt for what u're doing.
and after some seconds, all resume what we're doing without thinking why the pause for.

~lalala~ many things we couldn't explain, nor can we find the answers, but what realli matter is,
have u get notice of the unquestionable behaviour in our daily life and how do you respond to it.

holiday ends

juz a sum up of wat i did recently since all of us were so busy wif our "last minute" holidaying lol?

sports like maniac as if all so kiasu that our body will rot in no time, and trying to stay on shape or to "shape a shape". yamchar day n nite, as in afternoon tea n supper as if we will never see each other for quite some time, ( kinda true ) , chasing dramas over dramas ( especially korean ones ^^ ), and having CS more often than Dota since my elder brudder came back home with a new router, n now 3 of us are having much fun everyday, in short CS binds us together? lol.

wat's next? i duno but it does smell good.

last sem is happening. n it's happening very soon. working life is at the verge but i'm stil no ready for it. shud i get master instead? *enlighten me plzzz*


6ppl standing in a line under the cemented poll of a basketball rim,
squeezing, sandwiched, n jostling yet just wouldn't willing to leave da queue.
Moreover, half of 'em are somehow well-built with muscle or concentrated fat,
yet these 6ppl stick almost skintoskin distance waiting for something, to happen.
this, is what we define sohainess, or in short sohai.

these 6ppl aren't juz waiting for something usual,
they are waiting for the heavy rain to stop despite of the very
superbly gloomy dimly shady dark *fillinyourbrilliantvocabshere* clouds
all over the sky with no chance of sunlight to be seen.

now, it makes sense why these 6ppl aren't moving around
because they wanna prevent those downpour from reaching their heads
as there is nowhere to hide, and the nearest shaded place, would be
200m away with long staircase.

the rain gets heavier, and the cemented pillar no longer
protects these 6ppl from the incoming H2O and so these 6ppl
scattered, and enter a 4wheeldrive which is parked nearby.
now this is more sohai, they could have enter the vehicle earlier
but their sohainess kept them so. as a result? they all got
pretty drenched n soaky and yet they stay inside the vehicle.
The 4wheeldrive become flooded with perspiration n rainy water.

it lasted not long until one of them suggest to play basketball
despite of the saddening weather and the "swimmingpool" court.
all agreed in unity and here comes again a bunch of sohais running
out of the 4wheeldrive to play unbounceable basketball under the heavy rain.

a normal sport session become a laughing stocks when
those 6ppl keep falling down due to the slippery conditions
and normal shot balls become air balls ( the ball shot in the air
without even close to the rim or even touches the board ) .
there are not much passing of the ball,
but instead recollecting back of the ball which they lost control of.

well? wat to do?
a bunch of sohais that have nothing to do in the evening
do sohai things to keep them occupied.

NOW what can YOU learn....

the word -- SOHAI.
you can use sohai as a pronoun, e.g. "oi sohai, get into the vehicle now! "
you can use sohai as an adjective, e.g. "realli sohai weather! wanna play ball also cannot!"
you can use sohainess as a noun, e.g. "their sohainess kept them from entering the vehicle."
you can use sohaing as verb, e.g. "the 6ppl are sohaing under the rain."
and many more! this word mite be valid in the dictionary in 1 or 2 years time!!
so learn to use it now b4 it's too late??!

sandwich and i

i made myself a triple layer sandwich for supper laz nite.
peanutbutter, cheese and bacon in between of wholemeal bread. yummy.
it's a weird combination i know, but as long as it tasted good,
who cares huh? everything start from creativity rite?
or else there would be no new recipe for the n-years to come.
and speaking of it, i feel like i'm like inoue orihime,
a character from the animation bleach who adds everything
she likes and make it a bento for herself. or sometimes sandwich like me lol.

the sickest thing happened this morning,
when i told my mom how i made my sandwich n how it tasted so greatly.

then she asked, "how u cook it?"

i startled for a while, then i say, "cook wat? sandwich onli, need cook wan mehh?"

again she replied, "the bacon, how u cook it?"

my face turn green n pale, i touch my stomach and gulp.
oh dear, have i prayed before i eat the sandwich last nite?
i panicked a while yet i remain cool and calm outwardly,
and say, "aiyahh nvm wan laa, ppl eat sashimi also no cook one maa."
we both laugh.

duuh, then i remember she put those bacon nicely on top
of a small plate in the fridge together with those cheese and butter.
i thought they were cooked n readi to be served, like those hams we eat.
but they weren't!!! nooooooooooooooooo.

no pain no gain

i strained my hand,
during one of my basketball session.
or there mite be a tare in the muscle i duno.
juz feel pain once i stretch my hand straight.

there's pain ther,
and the gains i got are holidays n resting
as well as prohibitation of playing of ball
until i'm fully recover.
oh great.

ronald mcdonald?

i kiiiiiiilled 298 ronalds in element td out of boredom.

finally i managed to end the first part of the game,
as the game instructed, at least.
and should i believe that no one ever
beats the second part of the game.
dun ask me why or how,
it's the way they created it.
it's juz another method of telling u that
u'd finish the game n shud u move ur ass on.

ronalds, they are so cuuuute!!
i believe the more i look at 'em,
the more i'm craving for mcd. lol.

number of days since i last eaten mcd?
ermm shud be dat day where i went sg dua's mcd
n saw our fren wif his mate.
huhuhu~ times flies.. ><

GO!! dun hesitate!

below are the conversations i had with the petrol attender

petrolguy : he he he, getting all pumped huh, going out for a date?

theloner : oh? no la, juz go for some matches of games.

petrolguy : dun bluff la diu, i heard wat u said wif ur fren. dun worry, just tell your date in da face that u like her. dun hesitate!

theloner : walao eh, u wan me dead? how can.

petrolguy : ya lah, haven't u notice all those pretty girls usualli got ugly
bfs and handsome guys like us got ugly gfs.

theloner : *laugh* yea ho, now that u mention, why liddat one, so unfair.

petrolguy : u know why ar? coz usualli those wif handsome face they wan
jaga their binzhui ma, they scared to be rejected, so they never try.
Unlike those wif ahtu ahkao's face, they always got pretty gfs. why leh?
coz wif their face they got no binzhui to jaga ad, so they confess anything they
feel la, without any hesitation. very often they are the ones that got
accepted because they did try.

theloner : oo ya ho, no wonder la, now i understand why everytime we grumble
those pretty ones got ugly bfs. lololol.

( ok juz a joke between 2 guys, it carries no hidden meaning nor to "shoot" anyone. )


for those who lived along with me before
would know that i usually sleepwalking brushwalking.

eh brushwalking?
it means that whenever i brush my teeth, i would
walk here n there, surf the net, msn chatting
or even do slightliest stuff to occupy the boredom.
or in short to be a multitasker as our generation usualli be.

so it come to a time,
when i'm so carry away with doing my
brushwalking thing, and reading some blogs,
a thought come to my mind reminding the words of
my brother earlier saying he would buy parit buntar's
laksa and ice kacang for me tomorrow noon as lunch.

at that instance, i gulp.
but this time, with the large amount of toothpaste,
white fluffy bubbles, mint flavored, n bitterly taste.

almost puke several times, i try goggles numerous time
and yes it only help soothes a little. at least it does i say.

lesson i learnt, is not, to not multitask,
but shud keep ur mind concentrated to what your doing,
and even what u're thinking. ahhh.. wat a day~~

haji haji

to celebrate our malaysian haji haji day,
we, some buddies set go to one of our house,
to feast and play as to learn more bout racial integration.

but after 5 hours of our tiring mind trashing,
we finally come out with 3 losers which would
then accept our forfeit including pumping n running
round the sg ara field, naked. but we haven't carry out
our judgement, coz of time constrain and due to
the calling of our stomach to be eased.

hence we head for mamak dawood which is
famous for its maggi goreng ( at least we think dat way )
but because of haji haji, only to our dismay that
they alreadi shut it off by the time we reach
which is at 3am.

sadly yet thoughtful,
we reroute to yellow house pelita.
hoho, talking about yellow house sure cannot miss
net city and infinity.

we go for a daring challenge
and oppsieee... got pawned seriosly lololol.
and da funniest part is dat everyone of us
scream n teased as we got killed repeatedly.
n i'm da one screaming da loudest,
until some frens from other side also know
i'm there by the familiar screams of mine ^^!!

we adjourned our jorney at almost 7am.
tired, yet memorable.
as we, as one, as malaysian,
come together, to celebrate,
da public holiday we got out of 14 days
a year.

happi haji haji to all who're celebrating it.
may God bless u!

chain reaction

i learnt something after havin a misjudge.

when someone is joking,
dun treat it as a pure joke,
it may contain sinister elements.

when someone is serious,
dun treat it so darn seriously,
coz dat's the best time to be joked.

when someone is seriously joking,
juz be quiet n listen watever da fella tells,
coz u will never know wat's going on
and it's da time where u would fall for traps.

and when somone is in deep shit, but stil joke,
DUN EVER MAKE A NOISE or anything.
dun ask me wat shud you do.
coz i duno wat to do as well.

sometimes we take things for granted,
and treat everything lightly,
till the time comes of seriousness n troubled,
then onli we're left to regret n reflect.

sometimes we hurt ppl without knowing
that they are hurt, but we do apologies n repent
after knowing the truth.

but how about those ppl that we hurt,
and the truth that are still unsolved in our eyes?

be more sensitive to our frens around.
be more caring.
and learn to appreciate.


here am i bloging in the morning,
as i finally make a breakthrough ( again )
of waking up early and sleeping early. woo hoo cheers.

gonna hav breakfast at the market d...
wah... i can't believe it,
i wanna hav hokkien maggi loh cham th'ng.
for those late sleepers that are trying to
amend their lifestyle juz like me,
those fed up of getting up late in the afternoon,
and trying to doze off around 4-5am,
keep on trying,
u would succeed one day,
juz like me. wakakakka!!!


saturday nite,
go out wif frens loh,
hang out at e-gate there to let ppl see
and kesi kesi see ppl also lah,
dun say chi ko lo,
i'm so lonely,
sumore long time no see
beautiful stuff ad, so bo pian.

then ate some cakes,
chocolate latte banana mocha flavoured.
all mix together coz we share share wut.
then played our favourite card game "bridge".
damn syiok one, n see who most k**l**.

when i come back home,
and as i'm going to reply someone's msn,
suddenly i notice there's a slight portion of
da cake we ate earlier on my spacebar.
i was like, eh? how did it came here?
maybe it got on some part of my hand that
i didn't realli notice.
so i use my hand to take it up,
but then the thing is still warm,
and duno why it juz prompt me to take a
smell on it, and h*lysh*t, it smells juz like...sh*t!

it muz be da lizard's dropping
and da timing is juz perfect as i'm about to type on
the spacebar. wat on earth!
luckily i'm not youknowwho, or else i'll juz take it
up n lick it inside my mouth. yikesss!

busy life = happy life

gheee... yikoko MIA for a few weeks, why leh why leh??
busy la of coz,
but busy wat wor...


then wat u do in the morning leh,
sleep la of coz,
i'm human also ma no sleep wher can?
but actualli sumtimes also not enuff sleep.
coz accompany fren go morning breakfast ma.

wat lau, u also wil hav breakfast one ar?
i tot u zombie lai, no eat breakfast one.
lu siao ah, if no eat breakfast how can i
build up my big big belly? use brain la.
but hor, today summore go sports marathon.
go gym, swimming and basketball. lolx
deng leh, even weisiang give up wakakka.

anyway, juz a post shouting i'm stil alive,
n having contenting holiday + kinda busy,
so mayb blog post will decrease but also see form la.

Singalella why become rich?

Koo zhar wu chee ay char bor kia, Singalella.

She got two sisters, but the stepmarder and the sisters all damn kuai-lan, so she quite zhia-lat oso.

Last time Singalella got own maid, but now she become the amah.

Everyday must cook lah, clean lah, simi sai mah bao-kah-liao.

If her sister say liak kar zhuak, she liak.

Tak jit zho kah tau-hin.

EPF poon boh.

But then, kay piak eh ah-pek got one son call Ah Ming got party.

So he say, 'oeh, long chong lai ah.'

Singalella very happy because she never go party before but then her step-marder say, 'Lee Mana eh-sai kee, this one bahru lu eh sisters wu standard.'

Then Singalella must zho sui-sui for her sisters and step-marder.

Tap pai how, buay zhia, buay koon and buay pang-sai.

That night she only can wave bye bye and then she go back to the kitchen and cook Maggi mee.

Her neighbour came over and ask, 'Eh, an-zhua lu boh kee party?'

So Singaalella kong, 'I-wan, lau-bu kong buay-sai, so boh pian.'

She never expect but the neighbour say, 'Aiyah, kee lah, I give you money.'

So singalella brush teef and zhang-zhui, chen-kor, after that look very different.

She quickly run to opposite of the beh-chia-lor, already 11 o'clock.

At the party, Ah Ming also quite sian because the char bor all boh sui one.

Dance floor even got one ah pek dancing.

Just as Ah Ming told himself, 'Aiyah see-pay zhia-lat', Singalella came in.

Ah Ming straight away lau nuar.

'Wah-lau eh, see-pay heng ah, chee kor buay pai.'

Ah Ming say to Singalella, 'eh, sui eh, wah ai kah lee zho flen!'

Singalella say ok but Ah Ming like octopus, touch here touch there.

But then just it was 12 o'clock, one ah pek die on the dance floor.

He become ghost and tell Singalella all the good 4D number.

So after that Singalella quickly go and buy 4D, and then tiok tau-pio, zhit-pak ban.

So she pay back the kay-piak eh lau-kay-poh and then kah kee cho sen-lee.

Simi kuan eh sen-lee wah mana eh zhai.

[ from a forwarded mail, hahaha. (: ]


i'm not a regular blogger,
but i read blogs almost everyday,
much more than reading up newspaper.
and text books even for this exam period.
i dun care how much time i would spent,
because i know i'll stay informed,
with all those around me.

blogs keep us all connected, somehow.

everytime i look at any posting,
i would have slight taste of what da author wrote.
wat da author feels, n wat da author thinks.
and those made me feel like we're somehow being
together, tho relatively in distance irl.

aaaaaaaaaaaaa sdoasdj lqkf qwwfef...

sometimes i feel like screaming out loud
at late nites wakakaka.

why? di di lose ho chabo eh?

eh, i dun get it,
how come chabo eh shooting aneh chun?
someone explain to me plueeeezzzee..

juz now went playing bola again wif some frenz,
then play with 2 gals there..
walao, *schop* *schop* sound eh..
they were shorter,
theire physical were weaker comparatively,
but their stamina better than mine = =!! *swt*
n their shooting skills is like, pro shooter....
wat on earth!...
i can't accept this!!
someone .... tel me they aren't better plz!!~!!!!

anyhow i muz admit,
i've got weakness when it comes to ...
lol mai mention liaw.

sa leh lang

syiok also lah..
sa leh lang peh peh jiak stimbot, jiak hu chi, hu, he, hamik pun uu,
jiak dim sum to ice kacang, fried one gia lai stim, stim one gia lai fried.
all in all, hamik pun sut diok si liaw.

why leh? ka tat mahh.
u pay rm 17.90 chiak all-u-can. lu ko mai sut ka liaw meh.
ho chiak boh ho chiak doesn't matter anymore.
wat matters is the equivalent money u spent.
sumore pay rm 17.90 for dinner n supper.
not bad leh..

when u're too stuffed,
u can shake legs to increase ur body metabolism,
so that more energy could be wasted = more hungry.
or can go kaplui, there duno y many siu muimui,
n leng che che also. can wash eye a while if boring.
and many other things to do ~~

anyway, sa leh lang,
stil better than a lot of things.
u can talk watever things u waan openly,
and listen more to others talking.
haha, arigato to lu no lang.
if it's not because of lu lang,
my life wouldn't be so biutiful in uni liaw. kakaka.

journal to my west

yikoko has this long craving for sneaking out early in the morning to establish better relationship with his, borrowed bola ( from alex ) and finally make himself a breakthrough of the hassle of waking up early since he has been indulged in late sleeping again recently.

riding on the bicycle on the path exposing to mere sunlight, allowing his green-pale complexion to maximize its absorption in hoping that he could apparently look more "healthy". 'at least this is what casual people think of when they look at someone,' he pondered. besides, the alternative reasoning behind former lowly eq excuse is that so that he could have more of vitamin K? or E? or is it D? lolx watever, ( yikoko returns what he learnt from his biology class a few years back then ). so, it's still a good thing, at least he thinks so.

upon reaching, he finds some people already occupying half of the court. at a hasty glance while on his bicycle, there should be around five or six people with dark tanned complexion, skinny, and not doing anything but sitting there. he parked on the other half of the court and only to discover they are all girls. *sweat*. he didn't bother much and start his establishment with the ball, solo.

10 - 20 minutes passed, and he could hear the sound of talking grows louder, luan loh. he could sensed more people arriving, and it's all girls again. *sweat again*, he doesn't give a *flower* to gender racist or watsoever, it's just uncommon for him to see so many girls gathering at that court, at that place. and before long, some of them yelled, to him, "oi, dun play alone lahhh.. come play with us..."

yikoko, declined the invitation, as he doesn't wan to get any injuries as he has to sit for the exam the next day. so he continue on his own, soloed. well on second thought, actualli he's too shy, to play along with so many girls at a time. and there goes the shy guy, kebo, soooo lamee... lol.


unfinished road signs issues

this issue has being stirred up almost everyday on the
newspaper i read since some time ago. i must say this is
a total annoyance and it's just another unsettled politics.
can't they juz sit down and relax and mind ur own business?
if u're not satisfy wif wat's happening now,
make urself worthy of elected n be the nx CM plz,
so dat u can change the road signs back to watever u wan.
even wif oOo.

( btw, CM here means cabal master, and business means
conventional business, meaning trading. there is no attempt
of trying to influence politically, nor threatened the country's
security. dun lock me up in isa. )

chocolate molten cake

my bro brought back da cake back
from his other home, da one he'll be staying
after he get married nx year,
and here am i,
his beloved white rat,
tasting his firstly made cake.

from the appearance,
it has the colour of delicious chocolate molten,
dark brown, creamy, n even shiny. lol.
it smells nice also and from the look n smell
it's like the cake itself is asking u
" come on, hav a try of me... "

as usual, me,
the food-irresistable,
take out a spoon n scoop at it..

yuxxx...it's all like mud.
too soft, it's like all cream.
can't sense any texture of the cake.
it all juz melt into my mouth in split of second.

i tell myself, mayb da cake isn't
evenly made, so some parts may be better.

so i take another scoope,
n off to my mouth again.
well, dis time i tell my bro,
u fail, try harder nx time.

so tomorrow i'm gonna have another
try outs again. lolx.

all about booze

i admit sometimes i do sip up some liquor,
normally mixed it with coke, sprite or anything
that make it taste nicer.

but how do u define nice?
different ppl have different gauge and threshold.
some like mixing 20/80, some 50/50, some
would go for plain pure liquor.
so it's up to anyone to decide whether they like
it they way it is or otherwise.

one thing i'm sure is,
i dun like beer.

to me beer is bitter,
beer is expensive,
beer makes me feel like puking.
but i dun understand how some ppl like it so much.
and why is it children don't like beer
until they grow bigger, their tastes change?
or am i still a child?

but all in all, sometimes i do drink beer to lah...
eng siu eng siu peng iu mahh... ahahaha...
so sometimes i stil drink.
( any plot of not giving me beer will be exterminated ! )

anonymous she

i was browsing through my friendster n having supper at
the same time before going bed as my finishing touches
of the day, out of a sudden i saw one anonymous msg directed to me.
let's have a glance at it.

Date : 10/23/2008 1.34pm

Subject : hai...

Message : can u teach me how to speak bahasa korea...

??? big question mark on my head ???????????
how am i suppose to know korean?

i juz know
an nyeong ha se yo ( 嗨,你好!)
mo hae yo ( apa lu buat )
i ge mo ya ( wat is this la )
cho nun yikoko ip ni da ( watashi yikoko desu )
chi gum se mu dul sal ip ni da ( now 22 yo )
kam sha hap ni da ( danke )

that's bout all. lol.
( dun laugh if u see dis akapi, who ask u to teach me limited vocabs. muahaha. )


have u ever find someone that u can trust completely?
as in 100% trust without any suspicious elements
and that u can find rest n peace in communicating to?
i'm not referring God, of coz He is sumone we can trust
on to and i'm not referring to our parents as well.

i once had, no longer now.

sometimes i do recall those times, when i'm so childish,
gullible and yet we find ourselves perfect confidante.
wat holds back our relationship is still an unsolved mystery.
but i'm glad i once had a fren like u.

thanks for being a big impact in my life,
even though u may not know who u realli are.
realli, ur time spent was one of my most dear memories
in my life and i'm proud to know u.

wat can i do?

i am nt sleeping again, nt b'coz of insomnia, nor burning midnite oil,
but my brother locked the room we're sharing. he is not waking up
to unlock the door eventho i tried knockin the door not-too-loud to
prevent waking up my parents. big d laah, i dun wan my parents to
wake up in the middle of nite and to worry me.

i did not give up so easily, yet. there must be some ways, i thought
for a while. hence i try calling him using my mobile, but to my dismay
my line was expired, and i forgot to top up. crap. perfect timing. then
i start making weird sounds and calling him by the door n windows
but i think that went fail too due to the sound of rains and thunders.
yes, it's raining cats n dogs and now i'm stranded at the living room
to camp.

alrite, i switched off the lights, and lie down on the couch, n shut my eyes.
thinking that will do da magic but it disappoints me again when i hear
the kuku-sound of my neighbour's clock. Kuku, kuku, kuku, n again kuku....
it must be 4 in the morning. some one help me. i nid rest, n i nid a place to sleep.
it's so cold in the nites when the is heavy rain pourin from the sky n i couldn't
get any blankets to wrap myself into a.... clampshell? ( panda dun laugh ) to
keep warm. duhz..

it all went well leading me here,
and now here am i, blogging, in the mood of sleepingbutcant.
n those mosquitos, better stop sucking my blood.....

finding out a way...

previously, i've not been able to sleep well in the nites due to many reasons.
i did not do much stuff throughout the whole day, as in lack of more
energy burning activities as i frequently sit on my table desk, computer desk,
and juz driving around which is all about sitting down without straining much
of my other muscles. that makes me kinda of becoming sedentary lifestyle
with less work outs. in addition to that, my exercise routine seemed to be screwed
up with the raining seasons n my lack of determination n interest as well.

to be honest, i like to do sports with my friends. it's fun, challenging, n motivating.
but nowadays ppl tend to become more ignorant n choose to sleep instead when
they have got the time spared. i wouldn't blame anyone of them coz everyone mite
have different lifestyle, as they would have had hectic days frequently unlike me.
that makes me lazed up recently to even jog around the neighbourhood.

next is my overlong sleeping time. sometimes i slept for 10 hours, which makes my
back aches and sometimes i feel even more tired. and every bits of this cycles made me
so fussed and sometimes insomnia.

anyway, i'm having tests and assignments due dates, which are getting very close,
and i suddenly become a 'good boy' by sleeping earli and waking up earli. besides,
i even when for cycling at morning n evening, and other exercises which make me more
energetic throughout the whole day. i no longer have those 'sleepy looks' and i look younger!
oh God must have been helping me to change myself, to a better one. Thank You Lord!

-because God gives us everything, we owe him all our praise-


i woke up at 830am today, amazingly, as i would have
normally sleep through noon or even till afternoon.
as usual for a hungry person like me, the first thing
i do is to have my breakfast, of coz after brushing my teeth laa.
then i sat down on the couch, lookin at the time on the clock,
and it reminds me of my form6 life. i missed them. dearly.

form6, was one of the period i treasured most in my entire life.
more than the uni life i'm having i suppose.
i believe most of my frens would think of the same way.

form6, was the time when i realli experience fun with
my classmates, my friends, and i even start a relationship back there.
looking at the time now, reminds me again of how we spent
our time in the classrooms, how we slept through the boring
lessons, how we chit-chat in front of teacher's teaching,
how we play chess underneath our desk, how we sneak out of class
to play basketball under the hot sun when there is free period,
how we teased each other openly, and how some ppl trying to court gals.

everything, during form6 was open. as in no hiding outs.
i find that as ppl grow, they tend to do things more secretly.
they seldom open their hearts n minds to ppl,
seldom talk bout their opinions and advices,
do stuff more cowardly, even tease behind someone else.
ghee, form6 form6, i realli miss those times.

alones - aqua times

alones, by aqua times.

many of u bleach anime fans would have listened to this

song many months back, or most a year and so.
but have u guys realli ever finish listening the whole song?

i love the song so much, tho i can't understand jap.
i like the melody, music arrangement, and all
their transition parts are simply superb.
love them!!

and not to forget, there's a part,
should be the second bridge, where the whole set
of atmosphere was changed to rather, classical
with guitar plucking, or more of a latin. so cool!


today my mom cooked porridge.
tho it has oyster, pork, fish, corns and others,
i still couldn't find it to my, liking. < -- picky me
as a mama's boy, have to eat lah,
tho i dun like it, but it's mom's effort of cooking.
shudn't complain much so as i stuffed it inside my stomach.

dat was at noon,
when dinner comes, the same porridge was served again.
coz mom cooked too much, or she purposely cooked it that much,
so that we can enjoy the delicious food which my family likes it, but me.
i'm not picking da food u cook mom,
i juz dun like porridge.

every bite in my mouth, make me think of mcdonalds. lol.
as u all had known me, i'm a mcdonalds fanatic,
and i crave for it very often, as much as even i'm eating porridge.

anyhow, dat makes me more sinful,
when i couldn't concentrate during church service at night.
sometimes i attend church on saturday nite so dat i can wake
up late on sunday morning lol. lazy me. sigh.
my mind kept thinking of mcd throughout the whole sermon,
keep on thinking dat i'll go greenlane's mcd drive-thru after it
n get the sets n nuggets i craved for!
*sigh* i wish i could have such an urging craving for da word of God
instead of the worldly bread - mcdonalds.

anyway, mcds are not healthy.
yet, i choose to eat them sometimes.
no wonder there are so many smokers in our world,
knowing they will die even sooner.


i wrote something, earlier on,
but i deleted it after much of pondering.

i rewrite another thing, and again
i backspace them, thinking it's way too boring.

now i lost my mood for blogging...
eeeee....what am i doing....

random thoughts 081008

it's 348am in the morning.
i'm sleepy and about to sleep but sud
hav dis urge of blogging, so i'm here tadaaa~

i duno why i'm here, shud have been studyin for tests.
i think i nid lessons to teach me until i'm learnt. lol.
i'm a spoilt boy, sometimes i didn't even wash up my dishes.
my mom oftenly hav to wake me up for classes n even to attend church.
i always made my grandma worry me, of sleeping late n also waking up late.
my dad stil fix up my spoilt sandals in which i could do it on my own.
sometimes i forgot to feed my little doggie and it barks me back for being forgetful.
sometimes i didn't pray b4 i sleep. i'm so bad.
sometimes i didn't bring the garbage outside the house for dumpin.
sometimes i'm not helpful eventho i'm free and able to.

i befriended many new frens recently...
mostly thro meetoto.
some can chat long, and realli reminisce the icq era.
some can sing well, yet i commented on them a lot.
some play guitar there, and we exchange our thoughts n opinions greatly.
and before long i realise i should have spent my time studying
in spite of meetoto-ing n blogging here.

( i limit myself to spend onli 10 minutes in blogging this, n yes i did it! )

my little bride

The best part of "My Little Bride" is watching the dysfunctional newlyweds settle into married life. dun worry, you can safely lean back and enjoy this, without fear of being called a pervert, b'coz the film never hides the fact that it has no intention of implying anything even remotely naughty between the two leads.

They're simply adorable! They have food fights. They use rock, paper and scissors to determine who's going to do the dishes. They tease one another like a couple of teenagers flirting. In fact, if they weren't married you'd forgiven for suspecting that they have the hots for each other. Which of course makes the whole set-up extra ironic.

Between her ordering him around like they've been married for 20 years, and him teasing her about the physical aspects of their relationship, while trying to persuade her to at least let him sleep next to her, we get the sense they have real feelings for each other. If they hadn't been rushed into marriage they might have had a chance to figure that out for themselves, somewhere down the line. This is the part of the film that makes it a success. If it wasn't for the fact that we could see their potential as a couple, it would have been an awkward film. Instead this becomes a story about finding the love that was always there, despite all the obstacles the world puts in their path.

It's sweet, it's cuddly, and it's got all those signature scenes we've come to expect from Korean comedies. There's the one where the guy has to carry the girl home on his back, the one where they sing karaoke, the one where something extraordinary happens, but it turns out to be a dream. I know these scenes, or variations of them, have been done a million times before, but rarely do they work as well as here. It's a dark a cruel world out there.

Death and disaster can strike at any moment. You work too hard and they don't pay you enough. Whatever your particular beef with the world is, I can assure you that it'll seem a little less serious after watching this film. Wahhaaa..

more pics XD

( ps : the actress actualli resembles someone i know, [ at least i think that way, others may not agreed ], she almost has the same traits and personalities, haaa.. anyone know who i'm referring? dun bomb me~~ or i try ask her out and we could have a compare!!! )

hali laya

what's gonna happen to me during hali laya?
my parents gonna dump me n go kedah for their relative visitation.
( actualli not dump lah, they go pakthor ma, if i tag along like chor ju sai..)
ne***n gonna go back kl to do his homework which he cannot do here.
i gonna sit at home and rot again!! garrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

i juz realise i din blog for almost 1 week ad, haa.. time flies
when u fully utilize ur time given which is 24 hours a day.
ironically, time seems to be moving rather slow when u're
so bored at home and u have nothing in mind to do anything.
wat did i do for da past 1 week?
hanging out wif my old buddies lo...
they all came back for laya holiday wut....
so always lim teh, dota, lim teh, dota onli loo....

i also realise my backbones are aching everyday
due to overtime of sitting without moving around whole day long.
wat a sedentary lifestyle i'm having..
fat die u <----
walking zombies, come on get up n work <----
are u gonna do something else besides sticking ur arse there? <----
ur muscles are gone, u have no shapes now, u look terrible, come on get pumping on <---
did u even shave? <----
do u know eating in front of the cpu is not hygienic? <----

i'm complaining again, brooding over the same matter...

eragl nlaergnkera'g4jop sdlnkda

chin sia sui lahhh! dunno how to sing ( 背叛 - bei4 pan4 )
still go follow and learn people sing!! pui!! i'm sooo nooob!!
wa eh sia bo ho tiah, wa cheo kuah eh si chin kincheong!!
paiseh nia, summore i sing in front of so many ppl dat i know!

boh image liaw lahhh...all bo liaw...
boh bin zui!
boh ho tiah!!
boh bian... first time maaahh.... wkakakakkaa..

i wanna learn n sing 99!!
sing till my voice gone n i'll still shreak!!
sing till i'm familiar with da stage!!
sing till i earn enough money to buy cloth ( <--- sweat )
sing till ppl throw flowers!!
sing till wa puak siah!! ahahhaha...

wa ki siao liaw~ sendalsn glk weankltntokvon 5gio

random thoughts

i wasted my day again by
sleeping, idling in front of my cpu,
waching tv, gaming, surfing websites etc.

something is wrong again in me.
everytime after some time, i'll indulge
in this so called 'hobby' and forget about myself.
forget what i should do best.
forget to do something that is beneficial.
forget to become what i suppose to become.

i read one of my fren's blog earlier,
she had a busy life, and many complains,
yet, she doesn't hate the life she's having.
me? having relax life, too relax until
sometimes i cannot differentiate when is holiday
and when is not. i hate it.
but everytime after some busy day,
i'll get back home asap to enjoy n relax myself up.
i guess we need a balance life to redeem satisfaction huh?

looking at the clock,
again, it's the time where i start thinking about myself,
my future, what am i doing, what i should do, and
what must i do tomorrow.
i duno why, everyday at this hour,
i'll be left alone in front of my cpu,
talking to myself, sometimes via my own blog,
sometimes via others' blog. pondering much.
i think it's my "private time" with myself.

i've been repeating my blog's song over n over again,
simply love it. touching, flattering, and sentimental.
they always remind me of those sad and romantic scences
of the drama. i realli love korean drama. a damn lot.
the song sometimes also, reminds me of my loneliness.
ha.. i'm lonely, isn't it?

what is happiness?
a reflect from my fren's blog saying how she
was separated from happiness, and how she
desperate for some happiness in her life.
to me she should me happi ad, but to her it's not enuff.
everyone has their own set of happiness.
some would be very happy juz by obtaining a set
of flying colours in their papers.
some would be very happy by having their
life partner around them when they are lonely.
some would be very happy when they
were given a lot of money to spend.
some would be very happy to have someone
look after and take care of them regardless
they have feelings towards them or not.
some would be happy when there are frens around them.
happiness, is a strange thing isn't it?
it's like love.
love is magic. when there is love,
everything become beautiful.
when there isn't, everything turns ugly.
it can juz be gone by a flip of finger.
who can grasp love permanently? i doubt.

actualli i have tons of assignments piling up
like mountains at my table, but i'm juz procrastinating.
i know it's so wrong, to do stuff last minute
but heck i juz can't manage them earlier.
seems like i'll be one of the laz minute kaki again
when those projects reach their due dates.

i'm hungry, tho' i juz finish eating
mash potato with cheese and a cup of hot milo.
i wanna eat dominos.....

time between dog and wolf

i'd been addicted to this drama recently, love it very much~~

╣▓╠ Time between Dog and Wolf ╣▓╠

Lee Joon Ki plays a courageous and energetic man who
wants revenge on a criminal group. Suh Ji Woo met Lee Joon Ki
when they were children and fell in love with him. Due to a
sudden accident, they had to separate. They meet each other
again when they are working as secret agents disguised as
museum curators. However, they separate once again because
LJG’s role wants to revenge on his parents’ enemies. Both
belong to a special investigation unit against an international
narcotic drug crime organization.

Lee Joon Ki (What About Me, Star's Echo, My Girl, 101st proposal)
Nam Sang Mi (Love Letter, Escape From Unemployment,
Not Alone, My Sweetheart My Darling, Sweet Spy, Bad Family)

more pictures XD

what makes a buddy a buddy?

i believe we all have our own friends around us.
some friends are just hi-bye friends.
some are get-along-well friends.
some are tooling friends.
some are real friends.
some friends aren't real.

hi-bye friends are those who u meet once a while,
where u greet, wave, or smile to,
and then you do not really go further anymore.

get-along-well friends are those who are
with you sometimes, they make you feel ok when
u're with them. but deep inside, what they REALLY
think, you'll never know.

tooling friends, haha. these are plenty scattered
around in our world today as we grow. they often
manipulate things around to suit them and what
they realli think are about themselves.

real friends, i miss/love u guys.

so how far a friend can go?
depends on what category friends i label as above?
some ppl prioritize frens to even their gf/bf
some ppl can wake up in the middle of the nite
to help their friends.
some even willing to pay off debts of their friends.
some wouldn't even bother lending u a penny.
some would even try courting their friend's bf/gf.

so, be careful when u make friends.

ke ai xiao mei mei

fuiyuhh, early in the morning nia i was dragged out by my brother.
but i promised to eat with him ad lah last nite, so just go lor,
won't lose anything wut, summore can have breakfast, hmm healthy.
( i usualli dun have my breakfast coz i'll be sleeping still wakkaa )

but, all the way so ai-kun nia... even during eating.
realli beh tahan, the weather is so coool to sleep lah,
why wake me up worrr....

then suddenly my eyes scroll here n there, walao.
saw one ke ai xiao mei mei eating beside my table.
( sori ah, no pictures taken coz paiseh ma...she so innocent )
leh-lao, long time din see so kawai de mei mei liaw.
she got very fair complexion, big big eyes, and stlyish short
hair. Chuuun lah.. just like japanese teen.

suddenly i become energetic, and start to talk a lot instead.
no more ai-kun, and feel like to conquer my day lol.
danger lah, dis ke ai xiao mei mei got such power to influence ppl.
if this gal would be my wife, then i think everyday i'll be energetic
and no more ai-kun liao. whahahahahahahahahahahahaha~

AR - all random

Ieuuu.. i spent a few days on my new templates ( skin ) of my blog,
and it turn out liddis! sigh, a bit disappointed coz it didn't go the way
i desired! kinda fed up coz i'd repeatedly modified with all the ideas
i have had but still it didn't shine up my day ~ one word, soso.

Speaking of shining up my day, it reminds me of 060908 ( saturday ).
walao, rain heavily throughout the whole day and even my place which
is at higher ground in penang almost flooded. maybe the draining system
at my housing estate is lousy or stucked i duno but what i'm certain
is that i can't even go out anywhere, sigh...wanted to go watch SMM
competition lahh.. ( my frens lost at Quarter Final. lolz, coz i din go
maaaaaaa wakaaka... )

And after a day stuck in my own house, a fren of mine, no it's two.
nudged me at msn, yelling, "oi, your blog so keng, i dun understand
a single thing! " Huh? i felt strange, coz from my pc everything is ok.
i ask them to take a print screen of what they see and TA DA!!!
look at this!

can you decipher this?

hahas, i have no idea why it come out this way. Anyway it's all fixed now.
sorry dude for any inconveniences.

crap, i nid to go schooling now. brb.

playing truant

there is a class going on but i did not show up.
i find that it serves me nowhere even if i attend the class.
because i dun understand what the lecturer speaks.
tho he's speaking english and teaching solid states but
his slang and essence are too hard for me to comprehend.
i realli don't feel like i'm attending a physics course class
but rather a language class, perhaps a deutch cum russian.
so i decided to stay at home and do whatever things that i like instead.
ha, what a horrible immature decision.

later on, a fren, a classmate ask me, why didn't you show up?
i ask back, do you understand even what he says?
"nope i dun." was the answer i got in reply.
so what's the point of going then? she laughed. i smiled.
we both grinned in our hearts.
tho' we experience the same thing, but we resort differently.

at the meantime, i'm still looking for a better alternative
to cope this problem. to conquer this supa hell-like subject.
maybe i should refer back my old lecture's notes
and study on my own instead? i'm lost. for now.

sick liaw leh..

i got my ass up early this morning thinking to go audit class, mana tao papa suddenly say " wei, u park that car under the tree for 3 days ad, faster go swa chiah ( move your car ) ". then after i park the car inside the house, he say " wei so lasam! go clean it! " coz now the car is filled with bird's dropping and latex...............i'm so speechless..............to think of it, he's not wrong to ask me clean the car, but it does spoil my early mood of trying to get up early and to feel like going to my audit class.

so in my childish retaliation, i waited them to go work first, then have my self made mash potatoes + cheese for breakfast, and then headed to... CAR WASH CENTER!! muahahaha.. paid for RM5 and feel kamuan ( satisfied ) tho it's not that clean afterall but it's damn lot better than before the wash. and, looking at the oil meter, i think it's time for me to feed the car up, so i go to petrol station nearby and, without further hesitation i say "FULL TANK!!". i was thinking that since it's a 1.3 proton iswara, full tank prolly would cost RM 90 ++ cost last time my 1.5 wira was at RM 100. hell ya but it proves me wrong when i see the fuel meter keep going as it passes RM90, RM100, RM 110 and finally stop at RM 113. WTFFFFFFFF!! this 1.3 proton iswara has a bigger tank than the wira?

boh mood d lah... earli in the morning nia alreadi used up RM 120 for the car. then frown a while lo and grumble and go back home to calculate my money left for the month. feeling very unease coz second day of the month nia spend so much ad, how am i going to survive some more with some friends that so "gien" ( addicted ) to hobbies like going to the cinema on weekly basis.

some more today sick la, since last nite d, got slight fever, cough, headache, running nose, weak body and dizziness. no wonder i forgot to switch off my car light during my nite class. crap! luckily was driving myvi since the car is still new, if not i'll have to push back the car -.-!

now i'm sweating with my shirts on, but i still feel cold outside~~ die lah... hope my sick worsen so ppl can get notice me~ <--- what am i talking???

hot like pancakes...

WOW, i'm sweating like a pig even in my own living room.
i had my 2 fans on, one beside me ( tho not very near la, about 2m away ) and another cling on the roof one. but still, i could feel stickiness on my back, on my hands and other parts of my body. ( dun simply think elsewhere ha.. )

life's getting miserable, the weather mood swings like an emotional teen gal who's having PMS and we, da victims are prone to all these calamities! dis sadness.

why do i say so?

Eg. 1
-- > i wanna go out play ball also hav to pray b4 going out, coz sometimes
the clouds suddenly change dark and some downfall of skyjuices = ball session cancel !!

Eg. 2 -- > sometimes mood syiok, wanna go out kai kai, suddenly "shhhh.. then piakkk... roarrr!! ta ta ta td ad a a ta tata.......+ watever sounds u can imagine lah... " then spoilt the mood d, coz scared of ma huan ma. so ended up staying in the cage again.

Eg. 3 -- > another example, whether soooo damn hot, i wanna do wat also beh song. even in the middle of playing games and u pawned ppl 99 liao still cannot feel da "syiok". ARghh.. feel like making my hole living room air conditioned. anyway it's not up to my decision also.

Eg. 4 -- > the whether switches too faz ledi, until my personalities become split! SO in the struggle of switching back to the norm one, time got procrastinated n ended up i didn't attend class! ( bwahahaha... this one lame. dun wan go class say lah, blame whether pulak!!! kakaka )

but still, some may ask, why dun u get a shower to reduce heat in the body, so when u come out u can feel refresh and recharge?

i tel them, i dun like a spark on the pan. macam temporary happiness. after u bathed, u do feel song coz cool n refresh BUT that's juz a while onli. after that u'll feel the heat hitting u harder wave by wave n u'll sweat in no time again. SO? got use mehhhh? summore after u bath, u change to ur new cloths ad, then sweat again. your clothing soaked wif sweat again! aduh. ma huan lah..

so all in all, how leh?
stay in my own room. turn on air con. and sleep 99 la. now got time dun wan sleep, exam time onli grumble say no time! wTf lah...!!


i found some personality traits on the net,
i ponder for some time to determine which traits i have
but in vain. haaa hard to judge myself lahhh.. so i hope
some readers here would lend me a hand to describe me.

from the "Big Five" or OCEAN or CANOE or watever, i personally called it ENACO.

1. Extraversion - outgoing and stimulation-oriented vs.
quiet and stimulation-avoiding.

2. Neuroticism - emotionally reactive, prone to negative emotions vs.
calm, imperturbable, optimistic.

3. Agreeableness - affable, friendly, conciliatory vs.
aggresive, dominant, disagreeable.

4. Conscientiousness - dutiful, planful, and orderly vs.
laidback, spontaneous, and unreliable

5. Openness to experience - open to new ideas and change vs.
traditional and oriented toward routine

er, on second thought, i think i'm a little bit of a mix,
from the traits listed above. hahaha..
how does it work anyway? anyone any ideas?

0124 - random thoughts

petrol price decreases 15 cents per liter NIA
then wanna make the whole world know their "noble deeds"
wat are they thinking actualli? doing all these at a
time like this can earn seats of Permatang Pauh? duhzz.
get real man , we are no 3 years old kiddo.


a fren of mine dropped out of uni all in a sudden
i have no idea wat went wrong wif him or his uni
all his hard works for the past 20 years to qualify him
to enter uni and to grad is all ruined by just a snap of finger.
wat's wrong wif these ppl nowadays...


recently i find myself enjoy observing ppl's personalities.
read up some facts n did some small "research" from wikis lol.
well damn i like psycho so much, feel strange why i din take it up.
perhaps it's because i follow my school counselor's advice.
in some short tests, showed dat i'm easily sway and does not
have a strong stand of my own. so she said i'm not suitable.
( maybe scared i go suicide after reading more )

( ps : panda if u ever read dis regarding psycho stuff, dun laugh ur ass out or else i'll bang ur head on beancurds and hang u with noodles lolx )

kl trip

aikz, gonna go kl in 3 hours time.

i'll write everything in questionnaire form

where are you going, to be more precise?
somewhere near cyberjaya? or in cyberjaya i duno. coz i'd never been there.

what purpose/motive drives you to go?
forced to, to be one of the musicians for a competition.

what competition is it?
frankly speaking, i'm not sure. wat i know is dat it's a competition organised by MMU.

are you guys confident of winning?
N-O-P-E!! NOPE! never!!
[ omg, poor little thingy... ]

so, what are the benefits of going then?
none. it's just a money spending trip where we have to pay our own to travel down and to lose.

then why trouble yourself going?
forced to, if not "they" will boycott you and look down upon you.

... i have no more thing to ask... good luck =.=!!


went for teh tarik after usual nite class and i'm feeling so taxed out and moody.

i am certain that i have had enough sleep throughout the whole day
cause my other classes had been canceled for convo stuff
and i'd been resting for the whole afternoon.
but why am i feeling so tired still?

my eyes are burning, my face turned pail,
i swayed despite of walking, my mind blanks.
i dun have clear judgment.
i become emotional and irrational.
jokes became sarcastic
advices became tyrannous.
and i became defensive regardless of anything.

came back home, and mom said i look so green ( pale )
dad ask me why am i looking so tired? i keep myself silent.

to think of it, maybe they gave me some pressure which i dun like!!
i asked for help yet they gave cold shoulders.
i helped out yet they gave up on me! NOOOoooooooooooooooo!!!
this is so unfair! but the world isn't fair, rite?
friends are so worldly. i miss my hengdai!!! miss yall so much!

lost in space and time

i couldn't sleep well these days.
my eyes just wouldn't shut until late midnight.
i tried getting to bed early but in vain.

so what do i do?
i surf net, read articles, friendster, read blogs
and even get some you-tubing just to fill up the time.
don't flame me for not reading text books or doing revision since i'm so damn free,
coz i just can't do those when there isn't any tests coming.
finally my eyes get to be heavier and at least i can jump off to bed.

lying down the bed doesn't mean i get to sleep.
yes, my eyes needed rest, but my mind just isn't willing, yet.
i need to spend some more time to venture into "hollow space"
until i'm mentally tired so that i can finally be able to doze off.

conclusion? i spend plenty of my time doing nothing.
it sucks so badly coz i'm having it like a daily routine.
i'm getting mental disorder, am i not?

wat say you?

...da American version...

It was the first day of a school in USA and a new Indian student
named Chaek entered the fourth grade.

The teacher said, 'Let's begin by reviewing some American History.

Who said 'Give me Liberty, or give me Death'?

She saw a sea of blank faces, except for Chaek, who had his hand up:
' Patrick Henry, 1775' he said.

'Very good!'

Who said 'Government of the People, by the People, for the People,
shall not perish from the Earth?'

Again, no response except from Chaek.
'Abraham Lincoln, 1863' said Chaek.

The teacher snapped at the class, 'Class, you should be ashamed!
Chaek , who is new to our country, knows more about its history than you do.'

She heard a loud whisper: 'F*** the Indians,'

'Who said that?' she demanded.

Chaek put his hand up.
'General Custer, 1862.'

At that point, a student in the back said, 'I'm gonna puke.'

The teacher glares around and asks 'All right! Now, who said that?'

Again, Chaek says, 'George Bush to the Japanese Prime Minister, 1991.'

Now furious, another student yells, 'Oh yeah? Suck this!'

Chaek jumps out of his chair waving his hand and shouts to the teacher,
'Bill Clinton, to Monica Lewinsky, 1997!'

Now with almost mob hysteria someone said
'You little shit. If you say anything else, I'll kill you.
' Chaek frantically yells at the top of his voice,
'Michael Jackson to the child witnesses testifying against him -> 2004.'

The teacher fainted.
And as the class gathered around the teacher on the floor,
someone said, 'Oh shit, we're f*****d!'.

And Chaek said quietly,
'I think it's Najib, Deputy Prime Minister Malaysia, 2008'.

...da Malaysia Boleh! version...

Indonesia has its Indomee, Singapore consumes its Maggi Mee - and last but not least, Malaysia's latest craze is "SodoMee".

Dear interested parties, We are looking for distributors for our new product for local and overseas markets.
Interested parties please send in your application to the address below :

Pejabat Perdana Metri Malysia,
Tingkt 4 , Jabtan Perdana Mentri,
Putrjaya, Selngor.


( p.s : got this article from somewhere else and find it damning funny, dun laugh your ass out and i'm not responsible if any of you got admitted to general hospital for laughing non-stop )

this column,

is for me and u to say anything u wan... come on, bring it on~