playing truant

there is a class going on but i did not show up.
i find that it serves me nowhere even if i attend the class.
because i dun understand what the lecturer speaks.
tho he's speaking english and teaching solid states but
his slang and essence are too hard for me to comprehend.
i realli don't feel like i'm attending a physics course class
but rather a language class, perhaps a deutch cum russian.
so i decided to stay at home and do whatever things that i like instead.
ha, what a horrible immature decision.

later on, a fren, a classmate ask me, why didn't you show up?
i ask back, do you understand even what he says?
"nope i dun." was the answer i got in reply.
so what's the point of going then? she laughed. i smiled.
we both grinned in our hearts.
tho' we experience the same thing, but we resort differently.

at the meantime, i'm still looking for a better alternative
to cope this problem. to conquer this supa hell-like subject.
maybe i should refer back my old lecture's notes
and study on my own instead? i'm lost. for now.

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AuTuMnBabY September 5, 2008 at 5:25 AM  

actually i kinda face tis problem quite frequently...even though i can understand my lecturer's language, but i cant understand wat they're trying to's like some of them juz came in and straightly read according to the slides...
wei, if like tat hior, must why u gimme the notes, i go home read myself better, no need to waste my time in class der...have to sacrifice my sleep sum more...aih...
haha...but den attndance is 100% in my uni, so bo huat, have to attend, even though at times, i wish tat i could juz skip all classes, bcoz i would understand better by reading on my own...

Dar-Dar-ien September 5, 2008 at 9:45 PM  

study by ur own.. cos even u cant understand what the heck that lecturer speaks..or his languange is non-human, you had to take the exam choice rite? what is the need of sacrificing your future instead? i face the same problem as u too. My lectuerer, self proclaimed graduate from UK, her english is no better than those 'M' people selling vege in the market... for example, she would say.."You all GUNA too much calculator.." and she had problems completing a sentence without stalling with "eh eh eh" or "um um um..." . We all had a hard time to understand them... Just Gambateh lar...

KID September 7, 2008 at 5:56 PM  

yo~~nvm de go no go la...i also everytime no go ma...hahaha...aiya...lec all are like tat de la speak uncleared languages, reading from slides, and most of all giving dam lot of assignment...= =
well...i support u need go...hahaha...for me la...if i go i will also fall asleep on his class
but make sure u know when he giv exam la...and wat topic will come out in exam and score his paper let him speechless...wakakakaka

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