gud bye my dear fren~

good bye to u my trusted fren~
la la la la la la la la la la~ ( forgotten da lyrics.. )
a fren of mine left to pursue on his studies to
have a closer step of becoming a real time doctor.
i'm kinda sad, that he left not only taking those joys away,
but also leaving this heavy loads of responsibilities to me.
plans, moderators, play-maker, anything.
even it's not juz one day that he left,
i alreadi feel dat something is very wrong,
i dun like this feelings, i realli dont.


wat a shock

it was dark and my head was spinning counterclockwise at 3000 revolutions per minute. as i open my room door with a feeling dat i gonna slam on my bed n sleep, suddenly something called me.. with a realli weird tone...

" gabriel~~~ lu dui lai liaw arr~~~ "

lema~ scare until almost lao cheh sai...
witw my aunt is sleeping in my room?? luckily she's sleeping on my bro's bed and not mine. abo i'll hav to sleep at da wooden sofa n let feed mosquitos my delicious bloood. ....

i have recently developed a new habit...

staring at my hp and taking it in n out of my pocket for some unidentified reasons.

life's getting better

with you guys around me, i can smile in the nites and balance out the boredom factors with chunks of excitements. and when i work, at least i can be encouraged to induce some hopes by looking forward to the night, where we gonna have some crazy enjoyable activities together.

we had bowling and pool last nite, and again our great master of pool and snooker mr lim KL taught us well in juz that short amount of time. some tricks and stuns were perfomed but again futile due to lack of practices, da screw back and stop ball worked, as well as placing back the ball back by hittin the clocking position and spinning it in spite of juz straight ball. and not forgettitng cushioning effect if u spin the ball. dat's enuff eye opening for me as a noob pool player. thx master lim !!

for bowling part, brother C seemed to be out of concentration due to da reasons we all knew. he scored da best last time when something was brought up to be bet. but this time, C scored da least~~ oh uh~~become noob ki... jia you nx time! dun xin bu zai yan~ ahhaha. and yes, this time R got his sharpening skills back and got a score of 121!! it's nothing compared to the profesionals but to me, it's alreadi something great~ as a noob, i onli scores 6+ to 8+ most T__T, i neeeeeed more practices!!

ahh, it's always fun to think wat we did, and wat we're gonna do... hope it last forever~ weeeeeee~

( p/s : curi-curi blogging when i'm asked to do some computer allocation data, shifting and installing. teee heee~ today not going site cal~~ wan eat snake ahhahah... )

yikoko's going to sp to perform an on site calibration on his own for the first time. :( help me.... hope i do not do anything wrong~~~ profile projector!! i'm coming for u!!!


we were educated from young that there are so much things in our lives that we are not allowed to do, for instance, as a kid, we were constantly reminded not to touch the boiler when it's boiling water, or not to play with matches whenever wherever. every time i'm told so, i've always have this sense of dissatisfaction deep down in my heart. why can't i do this, why can't i kick his butt, why can't i light the matches? it's so beautiful, it's like a magic, i wan magic~~~

but i never get to see those magics.... because i've always an obedient boy. not because that i'm such a good mama's boy, but i do detest the caning process if i break any of the rules. however, when i grow bit by bit, my curiosity grows as well and those not-to-do list are no longer not to be done. the boiling pot is extremely hot, yet i touch it. what i get is not just burns on my skin but also the sense of satisfaction. at least i know what is it to feel like when i touch a boiling pot... i may cry for pain but i do lessen some tights in my heart and that thruthfully relieves me. i guess it's always a joy to do wat the heart tell us to do.

but as we grow, things become more complicated. it's no longer the "listentotheheartthingy". in every steps u made, u need to be fully responsible, and that responsible is so great that sometimes it would leave a deep cut in ur heart for a long long time. so we think far more, we consider a lot of factors influencing, and we ponder too much a thing at a time. jobs, financial status, friends, future are becoming parts of the consideration in every thing we do, or even think, so sometimes it's always a better choice just to step down, pace down, and to ponder again and again, and again n again, until something is actualli over, then we'll have a more peaceful life, but maybe some regrets. i duno... shud i invest on shares? ( juz to be side-tracked )

nite nite my dear yiko
open skype sleep
let me listen to ur snoring
play "kiss"
hehehe nite =)

instead going to bed to sleep, i fainted.

i miss my life...

i feel so empty ever since i finish my 3 year course in university.
life has become a routine of work, rose, and yamchar, and i can assure that i'd accidentally added the radius of my belly bit by bit.

i feel very fatigue and weary every now and then, from early in the morning to even midnite yet i've not come across any solution to soothe them. my sleeps are no longer sounding as i can barely have sufficient rest. time moves faster than it used to be, and it is moving even faster day by day.

btw i'm not complaining bout working, as it is the way things are. but i think i must have mishandled my ways of living and screw up a little here and there. to amend that, i think it's time to slow down da pace and start thinking deep before things go worsen.

today is already 11th of jun, i owe someone something. but dun think dat matters anymore.


currently helpin out my parents at their office.
life's getting more realistic and my own time is getting lesser n lesser.
i'm doing more accounting rather than practising what i major in.
8-5 is gonna be my routine. nooooooooooooooooooooooooo~

this column,

is for me and u to say anything u wan... come on, bring it on~