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chin sia sui lahhh! dunno how to sing ( 背叛 - bei4 pan4 )
still go follow and learn people sing!! pui!! i'm sooo nooob!!
wa eh sia bo ho tiah, wa cheo kuah eh si chin kincheong!!
paiseh nia, summore i sing in front of so many ppl dat i know!

boh image liaw lahhh...all bo liaw...
boh bin zui!
boh ho tiah!!
boh bian... first time maaahh.... wkakakakkaa..

i wanna learn n sing 99!!
sing till my voice gone n i'll still shreak!!
sing till i'm familiar with da stage!!
sing till i earn enough money to buy cloth ( <--- sweat )
sing till ppl throw flowers!!
sing till wa puak siah!! ahahhaha...

wa ki siao liaw~ sendalsn glk weankltntokvon 5gio

random thoughts

i wasted my day again by
sleeping, idling in front of my cpu,
waching tv, gaming, surfing websites etc.

something is wrong again in me.
everytime after some time, i'll indulge
in this so called 'hobby' and forget about myself.
forget what i should do best.
forget to do something that is beneficial.
forget to become what i suppose to become.

i read one of my fren's blog earlier,
she had a busy life, and many complains,
yet, she doesn't hate the life she's having.
me? having relax life, too relax until
sometimes i cannot differentiate when is holiday
and when is not. i hate it.
but everytime after some busy day,
i'll get back home asap to enjoy n relax myself up.
i guess we need a balance life to redeem satisfaction huh?

looking at the clock,
again, it's the time where i start thinking about myself,
my future, what am i doing, what i should do, and
what must i do tomorrow.
i duno why, everyday at this hour,
i'll be left alone in front of my cpu,
talking to myself, sometimes via my own blog,
sometimes via others' blog. pondering much.
i think it's my "private time" with myself.

i've been repeating my blog's song over n over again,
simply love it. touching, flattering, and sentimental.
they always remind me of those sad and romantic scences
of the drama. i realli love korean drama. a damn lot.
the song sometimes also, reminds me of my loneliness.
ha.. i'm lonely, isn't it?

what is happiness?
a reflect from my fren's blog saying how she
was separated from happiness, and how she
desperate for some happiness in her life.
to me she should me happi ad, but to her it's not enuff.
everyone has their own set of happiness.
some would be very happy juz by obtaining a set
of flying colours in their papers.
some would be very happy by having their
life partner around them when they are lonely.
some would be very happy when they
were given a lot of money to spend.
some would be very happy to have someone
look after and take care of them regardless
they have feelings towards them or not.
some would be happy when there are frens around them.
happiness, is a strange thing isn't it?
it's like love.
love is magic. when there is love,
everything become beautiful.
when there isn't, everything turns ugly.
it can juz be gone by a flip of finger.
who can grasp love permanently? i doubt.

actualli i have tons of assignments piling up
like mountains at my table, but i'm juz procrastinating.
i know it's so wrong, to do stuff last minute
but heck i juz can't manage them earlier.
seems like i'll be one of the laz minute kaki again
when those projects reach their due dates.

i'm hungry, tho' i juz finish eating
mash potato with cheese and a cup of hot milo.
i wanna eat dominos.....

time between dog and wolf

i'd been addicted to this drama recently, love it very much~~

╣▓╠ Time between Dog and Wolf ╣▓╠

Lee Joon Ki plays a courageous and energetic man who
wants revenge on a criminal group. Suh Ji Woo met Lee Joon Ki
when they were children and fell in love with him. Due to a
sudden accident, they had to separate. They meet each other
again when they are working as secret agents disguised as
museum curators. However, they separate once again because
LJG’s role wants to revenge on his parents’ enemies. Both
belong to a special investigation unit against an international
narcotic drug crime organization.

Lee Joon Ki (What About Me, Star's Echo, My Girl, 101st proposal)
Nam Sang Mi (Love Letter, Escape From Unemployment,
Not Alone, My Sweetheart My Darling, Sweet Spy, Bad Family)

more pictures XD

what makes a buddy a buddy?

i believe we all have our own friends around us.
some friends are just hi-bye friends.
some are get-along-well friends.
some are tooling friends.
some are real friends.
some friends aren't real.

hi-bye friends are those who u meet once a while,
where u greet, wave, or smile to,
and then you do not really go further anymore.

get-along-well friends are those who are
with you sometimes, they make you feel ok when
u're with them. but deep inside, what they REALLY
think, you'll never know.

tooling friends, haha. these are plenty scattered
around in our world today as we grow. they often
manipulate things around to suit them and what
they realli think are about themselves.

real friends, i miss/love u guys.

so how far a friend can go?
depends on what category friends i label as above?
some ppl prioritize frens to even their gf/bf
some ppl can wake up in the middle of the nite
to help their friends.
some even willing to pay off debts of their friends.
some wouldn't even bother lending u a penny.
some would even try courting their friend's bf/gf.

so, be careful when u make friends.

ke ai xiao mei mei

fuiyuhh, early in the morning nia i was dragged out by my brother.
but i promised to eat with him ad lah last nite, so just go lor,
won't lose anything wut, summore can have breakfast, hmm healthy.
( i usualli dun have my breakfast coz i'll be sleeping still wakkaa )

but, all the way so ai-kun nia... even during eating.
realli beh tahan, the weather is so coool to sleep lah,
why wake me up worrr....

then suddenly my eyes scroll here n there, walao.
saw one ke ai xiao mei mei eating beside my table.
( sori ah, no pictures taken coz paiseh ma...she so innocent )
leh-lao, long time din see so kawai de mei mei liaw.
she got very fair complexion, big big eyes, and stlyish short
hair. Chuuun lah.. just like japanese teen.

suddenly i become energetic, and start to talk a lot instead.
no more ai-kun, and feel like to conquer my day lol.
danger lah, dis ke ai xiao mei mei got such power to influence ppl.
if this gal would be my wife, then i think everyday i'll be energetic
and no more ai-kun liao. whahahahahahahahahahahahaha~

AR - all random

Ieuuu.. i spent a few days on my new templates ( skin ) of my blog,
and it turn out liddis! sigh, a bit disappointed coz it didn't go the way
i desired! kinda fed up coz i'd repeatedly modified with all the ideas
i have had but still it didn't shine up my day ~ one word, soso.

Speaking of shining up my day, it reminds me of 060908 ( saturday ).
walao, rain heavily throughout the whole day and even my place which
is at higher ground in penang almost flooded. maybe the draining system
at my housing estate is lousy or stucked i duno but what i'm certain
is that i can't even go out anywhere, sigh...wanted to go watch SMM
competition lahh.. ( my frens lost at Quarter Final. lolz, coz i din go
maaaaaaa wakaaka... )

And after a day stuck in my own house, a fren of mine, no it's two.
nudged me at msn, yelling, "oi, your blog so keng, i dun understand
a single thing! " Huh? i felt strange, coz from my pc everything is ok.
i ask them to take a print screen of what they see and TA DA!!!
look at this!

can you decipher this?

hahas, i have no idea why it come out this way. Anyway it's all fixed now.
sorry dude for any inconveniences.

crap, i nid to go schooling now. brb.

playing truant

there is a class going on but i did not show up.
i find that it serves me nowhere even if i attend the class.
because i dun understand what the lecturer speaks.
tho he's speaking english and teaching solid states but
his slang and essence are too hard for me to comprehend.
i realli don't feel like i'm attending a physics course class
but rather a language class, perhaps a deutch cum russian.
so i decided to stay at home and do whatever things that i like instead.
ha, what a horrible immature decision.

later on, a fren, a classmate ask me, why didn't you show up?
i ask back, do you understand even what he says?
"nope i dun." was the answer i got in reply.
so what's the point of going then? she laughed. i smiled.
we both grinned in our hearts.
tho' we experience the same thing, but we resort differently.

at the meantime, i'm still looking for a better alternative
to cope this problem. to conquer this supa hell-like subject.
maybe i should refer back my old lecture's notes
and study on my own instead? i'm lost. for now.

sick liaw leh..

i got my ass up early this morning thinking to go audit class, mana tao papa suddenly say " wei, u park that car under the tree for 3 days ad, faster go swa chiah ( move your car ) ". then after i park the car inside the house, he say " wei so lasam! go clean it! " coz now the car is filled with bird's dropping and latex...............i'm so think of it, he's not wrong to ask me clean the car, but it does spoil my early mood of trying to get up early and to feel like going to my audit class.

so in my childish retaliation, i waited them to go work first, then have my self made mash potatoes + cheese for breakfast, and then headed to... CAR WASH CENTER!! muahahaha.. paid for RM5 and feel kamuan ( satisfied ) tho it's not that clean afterall but it's damn lot better than before the wash. and, looking at the oil meter, i think it's time for me to feed the car up, so i go to petrol station nearby and, without further hesitation i say "FULL TANK!!". i was thinking that since it's a 1.3 proton iswara, full tank prolly would cost RM 90 ++ cost last time my 1.5 wira was at RM 100. hell ya but it proves me wrong when i see the fuel meter keep going as it passes RM90, RM100, RM 110 and finally stop at RM 113. WTFFFFFFFF!! this 1.3 proton iswara has a bigger tank than the wira?

boh mood d lah... earli in the morning nia alreadi used up RM 120 for the car. then frown a while lo and grumble and go back home to calculate my money left for the month. feeling very unease coz second day of the month nia spend so much ad, how am i going to survive some more with some friends that so "gien" ( addicted ) to hobbies like going to the cinema on weekly basis.

some more today sick la, since last nite d, got slight fever, cough, headache, running nose, weak body and dizziness. no wonder i forgot to switch off my car light during my nite class. crap! luckily was driving myvi since the car is still new, if not i'll have to push back the car -.-!

now i'm sweating with my shirts on, but i still feel cold outside~~ die lah... hope my sick worsen so ppl can get notice me~ <--- what am i talking???

this column,

is for me and u to say anything u wan... come on, bring it on~