angel's wing

i was knocked down hardly and fell on the floor
when i try to do a fake move to pass some fella
during a ball match.
( i was jumping in the air when he jumped and
knocked me down, this is the least i could remember )

amazingly, there wasn't any scratches nor injuries,
as i felt something must had hold me back and
gently put me down the floor.

thank God that my head doesn't hit on the floor when
i fall helplessly from a high ground.
thank God for His protection on me each and everyday.
i believe it's the works of God that i still
live on until this very day.

intel gg jor?

Intel is shutting down 5 plants nationwide and 2 of them are in penang.
6k ppl are expected to lose their jobs, and in nicer polite words,
they will be transferred to other facilities. Of coz this is the only thing
intel could speak of, to at least defend so to speak their reputation
from tumbling down at the corporate ladder. Some even preached
that da shutting down was the best chinese new year gift to Malaysian.
Starting from intel, would cause a massive chain reaction to related
fields and many more companies will be force to shut down in no time.
This means there will be A LOT MORE jobs cut coming on and it's realli
freaking all of us out there, especially those who are gonna grad n search
for jobs like ME!! This, is not the worst scenario that we encounter as
i believe many are up to come when more companies weather the
economic storm that should, get many of us killed, or maybe sacrificed.

Well, not all would lament, as hawkers, food industries and the likes would
probably burning firecrackers to celebrate CNY in conjunction with the
announcement mentioned above, as their working status would be boosted
up high-heaven while others affected will fall to their knees and weep.
Besides, government sectors would likely not to be affected as much as how
they survive during the economic crisis 1997. Maybe i can be a teacher,
who teaches simple stuff at any secondary school when i'm offered no jobs?

Each and everyday i could hear jobs cut at anywhere and workers retrenched.
How long shud i endure, from all these frightening nitemares that lead me with
no good night sleeps? Am i the only one suffering from it?
Let me hear the voice(s) of the affected ones and that we can stay affirm,
hand in hand, to boost our lowly confidence by having constructive opinions
and discussions.

RMK = =!

my fyp partner and I ruined our samples with our own hands,
by accident of coz, but sorry no cure,
we got to do all of it all over again.
sad sad sad sad sad sad sad

today is the beginning of something,
and it's a sign with good future,
hope everything goes fine.

(p/s : i'm not thirst of the worldly ingredient,
but i would love to have abundance of love, joy, peace )

deadline at stake

it's happening...

will it be the one?
or it is just another passing by...

it's revealing
pretty soon....
i can't wait any longer...
someone plz hit me with a baseball stick
i dun wan to be worrying with this tense anxiety

somebody do something!!

those who have ears, let them hear.

"Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world,
but be transformed by the renewing of your mind." romans 12:2

yesterday i was writing sumthing bout dis, and it turned out my pastor
preaching bout it juz now. God speaks, man...all become crystal clear now.

ok i admit it.

yes, i did tumbled for that tempt.
it almost got me,
note the word ALMOST,
as my past evoked how painful it is,
when i chose a distorted path of my own.
but i got to be grateful of the past,
so that this time i do not,
plunge into deeper darkness.

tho' the entice is wide,
my eyes are kept closed n hands clasped
as i seek first the permission from higher authority
before i devastate everything again.

i'm always reminded of being special,
as God made us all special, in His image,
so i hope i can stand firm,
and not sway by the pressure of the crowd,
to pursue what they know little of.

i'm having wars between my mind n heart
each time this reoccurs in my thoughts,
hope it all will fade,
as i believe time is the best medicine,
for all that it takes.

dun worry, taken care.

yes, i...
bought granny meals so dat she won't starve,
dried up our family clothes and keep them b4 rain,
fed ours n neighbour's dogs so that they will keep on being fat,
helped up granny whenever she has difficulties doing stuff ( now she hardly moves )
and do those house chores every single day.

mom n dad, plz come back fast!!!!

what is love?

oisheh.. now talking bout love pulak = =!!
no larr, actualli it's juz somethin a fren sharin his opinion wif me.
here i gonna korek out everything he told me
coz i think it's good and true? let's see.

it's a feeling lai, cannot teach one.
when u fall in love,
you feel like holding her hand and hug her
when she's close to you.

it's a feeling that make u want to be
more than friends.
and and, you wil miss her lo.

is something that like a must,
without her it's like u lost ur soul,
lost energy, ( bo lat lol ).

you will have a crush first,
then it will slowly become love.
but u cannot wait too long,
later the chance fly.

wahhh so chim leh...
but i enjoy talking to that fella.
coz he realli does clear up my mind.
tho i'm stil confusing. lol. crap.

and the most interesting part is from
the last paragraph,
where you have to be at the
right time to be in love,
not too earli as u mite be having crush onli,
and not too late or the chance would
be taken by sumone else ad.
so i guess love needs timing afterall.

the finished journey

I think i'm done,
for the involuntarily involvement.

The string is now cut apart,
where there should be no sign of attachments,
anymore, at least, i assume.

I learnt something throughout the process,
as i begin to find "life" in me,
now i have more feelings,
now i'm not so numb,
that now i have affections.

Sometimes i would think it's best
to build some distances,
so that i won't step on others' toes.
and so others can live happily without
my intrusion, that could trespasses their
peaceful territory.

On the contrary,
i realize i am just too coward,
to face new challenges,
afraid of being reject,
unwilling to move from my comfort zone,
stagnant and yes, stiff-neck to the very end.

i'm beginning to believe.
That life of mine isn't that suck afterall.
There is still room for love and feeling to fade.
And if i'm given the privilege this time,
i hope that's the right one.

i should move on,
i mean i must have,
ohhh.... i think i had.

seeing what is unseen

i am acting a little weird each time i glance
i know i wanna look more but something's holdin me back
something's restricting and restraining but it does help
to cut off additional affections, is it self-protection?

i hope wat i see is not a delusion.
ohh i'm acting very strangely because of these.
i'm confused, my mind is entangling my heart and vice versa.
it's time my soul comes and take up the lead?

the ENG thingy

yENG, with all those gadgets completing the casual street looks, punky little princess.
kENG, with skills performed by those tiny little fingers, jiggling up n down of the equipment, sounding the perfect ambience, at the right time, at the perfect spot.
lENG, with the combination of yeng n keng, it's just leng. pure leng.

all geared up

i'll be having a tough day tomorrow, eh i mean later on,
i'm prepared ( by having ample sleeps and mind ready),
come on baby,
lai lah,
mali mali home!

it healed!

thank God my dog is now fully healed!

it has been screaming a lot lately, it can't bark, can't eat, and can't even move properly,
but now, it's all alright.

the whole family is rejoicing! thank God..

striking question that stuns

i was having a conversation wif a church fren. She's told that i'm taking pure physics as my degree. After much deeper chat, she was informed that i would be applying engineering fields after my graduation. Then she asked, "then wat fields are u interested in?"

i paused, for some time, but still i wasn't able to give her a good answer.

have i ever spend time to ponder what i realli interested in? as in working aspect.
it's time to lay back off, and think seriously. i still have half a year to go onli.

wc3 mafa td

ishh...gettin addicted to mafa tower defense from warcraft3.
me n my frens tried a few days in a roll and we did cracked our heads
to find a perfect formation and strategies to resolve, but still we lost.
i guess that's the most interesting part of the game, in which we discuss,
teamwork, donate, and squeeze out all our brain juice to the fullest.

still trying to win. any help?

little did i know

my hp seems like needing me more that i need it.

for those who know me, knew i'm not a gadget freak who fancies latest tech.
my hp is for calling n receiving calls, sms, sometimes mp3, camera, n dat's it.
i'm low profile, as in nobody will contact me unless something big, like, my mom,
will phone me b4 lunch time to check whether i will be eating at home.
and as my own nature, i seldom contact others too. onli they are needed.
for example, i will call my fren to accompany me to eat when i'm hungry coz
i hate eating alone.

anyway, the main thing isn't about eating, as the 2 examples above are all about eating.
wat i wanna say is dat each time when my credit runs low, sometimes negative, or my
battery's flat, then that's the time when i was needed most. lol. believe me.

it's like a jynx or sumthing, when i have my phone on, wif ample of credits,
it seldom rings, unless i'm wanted by my fren, to accompany them eat and so. but when it
comes to the situation described above, then i'll be wanted, to be contacted.

modern plane

Mr.A uses whatsoever method that he could think of to contact Mr.B of an upcoming event. Nevertheless, Mr.B was always out of reach due to some unforeseen circumstances.
SO? at the end of coz Mr.B didn't not attend the event because he didn't make any promise.
In response, angry Mr.A claimed that Mr.B is an aeroplaner. ( i'm not talking about pilot ).

Jeez, it's easy to become an aeroplaner nowadays, if we are to apply what mentioned above.

( note : Mr.A and Mr.B are just a random character inputed, it could represent a guy/girl/man/woman/groupofpeople/dog/cat/fungus, so dun get kaboom urself lol, and i'm NOT referring u, yes i mean you, the one reading this! )

this column,

is for me and u to say anything u wan... come on, bring it on~