eating snake before lunch

teee heee, see-ing me here means i dun hav to go kulim today.
muahahaha.. some other guy go field work instead of me. lala la~

actualli was eagerly looking forward to the coming new year eve celebration together with all those who are close to me. huhuh meaning we gonna hav a realli good time. can't wait for it!! tick tock tick tock...

dota competition?

aleh, so old d still get myself involve in this kinda thing~
feel kinda awkward tim...
but no choice wert, 4 lack 1, someone has to fill in the slot,
and i'm not tooo rusty yet hahahahaha..

alright, looking forward in this competition coming soon.

Greatest Job in the World

I was assigned to do this special job.

Basically my task is to roll a small wheel and count the number of rotations and the counter that comes together with the equipment. so after some experiments and calculations, i find that it requires 30 rotations to travel 10 counters which carry the unit of meter. In short, 30 rotations = 10m.

The fun part begins when i was asked to do 300, 000 rotations. 100 kilometers on very super small palm size wheel. hooray!!!! imagine i gonna travel from penang to ipoh on a small palm size of wheel, how long will i take for me to reach the destination? and btw, it's not automated. i got to use human flesh to turn it round and round and trust me, it aint got any handheld grip for u to even hold it. gonna use ur finger, poke it in the hole, and turn for 300, 000 rounds, yeah!

I travelled 1km using finger today, it took around 1 hour plus for me and my finger has alreadi become swollen. 99km to go tomorrow~~ la la la la la~

what does a straw do?

a straw is used to poke people, to cause them to sustain serious external injuries. XD

new layout... pawned~

testing testing...finally new layout...hehehe
but is complicated...(=.=) <-----noob anyway...tats all for long got a new layout...ahaha

working as a worker

i dun like the feeling of working for the sake of just finishing what is to be done. when there are lots of workloads piling up mountain-high, everyone will automatically transform into a timed senseless robot to clear off the accumulating mountain work but when all the jobs are done, everyone become headless chicken, heading northwesteastsouth, idling, having no direction and objective in the work place. something is missing out there. hmm.

haji, holiday, GOODNESS

yay, what a pleasant day.
nothing to say anymore. how am i doing?

u say.

sleepless nite

oh i can't sleep!! oh can i?

i dun think so.
something's bothering me.
it's 2012!!
eh wait, is it 2012?

look at the clock! it's merely 620am!!
i better get some sleep before the sun shines...

i can stream!

yeah! it's so relaxing listening to "when love story meet viva la vida" while enjoying the video from youtube. it has been a long time since i last be able to stream. it's friday midnite guys!! the day i waited for the whole week! it's the best time that i can online with my current unbeatable connection.

i'm not gonna waste my 1week waiting time just by sleeping. i wanna stream stream stream~

*listening music really soothes me lot especially those instrumental musics*

sorry hito, no dota for u n me

gosh, looking at my current condition of connection, the only time i can play dota is on friday midnite, i mean saturday early morning. but it seems like we both never make it. gotta wait for another week to see how it goes.

MY GOODNESS~~ now i'm realli screaming~~


Sigh... my connection to the internet has deteriorate terribly for the past few weeks. Thanks to tmnet now i can hardly enjoy my online game and even streaming movies.

i called up tmnet after some struggling during playing online game. imagine urself being put into a core of the party where u are responsible to support everyone, and most importantly, to heal the gonna-damned player. Most of the time, i see people around me in the game died coz of my delay and spikes and i can't do anything bout it but to watch my screen hang, and at the same time listening my teammate being emo coz of their death. I've been very much depress as i'm so helpless in the situation where i duno what can i contribute more.

streaming a youtube takes almost like a lifetime duration. yep i'm exagerating, but it really pass my threshold of being patient when u wait for 5 minutes and it only loads for 3 secs. GOOD JOB~

and so it come to the day where they finally send a guy to my house to do the things they suppose to do. as expected, standard procedures. they know nothing, capable of doing nothing. what that guy was stressing was all bout frequent disconnection or cannot connect to the internet. that's all! the end. any other things that u have a problem with, it's out of his job, or he will say "ini bukan dlm bidang saya!!" "kan kamu boleh connect internet? nah lihat, boleh browse!! " sweat.

then another joke of the day, i mention that my line goes smooth after 1am or so. then to act smart he come out with this idea, "nah nah, line macam penang bridge maa, ada masa jam, ada masa tak jam, bila jam kereta semua slow lahh, bila tak jam kereta laju!" and i replied, "eh, i pay rm 110 each month so that i can use my line after 1am? and that i can onli use that few midnite hours onli? then why not u quote me another price instead of rm 110? maybe rm 11? so that it would be fair for both?" and off his mouth shut. Come on, congestion stuff, understand but please extend line or change port or something, dun try to give excuses that he himself know nothing more bout.

then again i said, previously my line was good, until recently, where i see many telekom ppl with the orange costume camping around the port beside the roads at my housing area. they must hav done something that causes this. he told me that they were doing an upgrade as there are more people suscribing to streamyx. he also say that it's an upgrade so my line should be faster. again, i check the speedtest in front of him and he himself say, "eh.. lambat jugak .. mengapa eh??" my pekcekness lvl increase again. eh, u're the technical guy from tmnet, u suppose to know this more, but how come u're throwing me back the question?

after some bias trade of information, ( it seems like we, normal users know much more than a technician from tmnet, wat a shame! ) he finally uses his ultimate resolve, asking me call to another line, this time the HQ in kl. well wat to do? juz listen to him. and after 10 - 15 minutes of repeated calls, we finally made through the hell jam of the line, and i need to explain everything to another person, and he just ask me to check my ping, if there is a single line of requesting time out, then it means frequent disconnection. then he ask the technician guy to solve his job because it's because of frequent disconnection. MY GOODNESS~ i can see how they pass the ball around, to and fro, go and return. so irresponsible.

hence we go for a second try, and waited another 10 minutes to get through the hassle, and another second level office attended. here again, me explaining everything to him for the third time in the last 2 hours duration, and his final resolution or his mean to escape for all the trouble is, even far more better, "KL SIDE memang sedang UPGRADE, kamu tunggu tahun depan, CONNECTION kamu akan baik semula....." WOW!! tunggu tahun depan!!! HALLO!! how can i wait another 2 more months while u guys just sit, eat ur kuih and relax and telling ur customers this kinda lame excuses? urghh, i'm so pissed. realli.

but wat can i do? i tried other alternatives, penangfon is onli available for limited condos/apartments, and p1 is still expanding age and not yet covered my area, other broadband has their bad testimonies also from my frens. wat to do? call them again loh, keep calling. call till phone pecah also wanna call.

then then one nite i call again, and after explaining the whole incident again, he finally say he will send a special team to my house the next morning. a "special team"... konon... hito says last time they sent him a ALPHA TEAM. now a special team to mine pula. well nothing much i can do but to wait and hope that they wil fix all these the next morning.

and so i waited the whole morning to almost noon and no one appeared nor a single phone call. I kacau them again and they say, "oh they must be very busy, nevermind, i'll highlight this report again and tell them to come over ur place." end of story. looooook at this ?? how can they be so....ignorant. walao. i wan faint. no. i fainted. then in the midst of fainting, a guy rang me up and say, "eh lu jangan fon tmnet lagi tao? lu phone sana, mereka akan hantar saya pi lumah lu saja. jangan fon lagi, tao tak? jangan fon lagi." i ask then what on earth you wan me to do if i wanted to complain more? he gave me a hp number and say that's da line u can complain to, but dun call tmnet again. wat de....... first time i experience ppl call to your place and ask u not to call to their complain centre. kengz. this is malaysia come on, live with it, if not, go out lah..........

Monday Mourns

oh yea...
G over everything
my goodness.

i miss my uni life

. . . . . . . .
how i wish . . . . .

da sky is cryin again . . . .

ROSE - Rush On Seven Episode

alright i'm not gonna do any introduction of it, but i'm now juz all excited and geared up for the upcoming event of the launching of this game this saturday 2pm GMT+1 which is approximately 9pm GMT+8.

so to all my comrades out there, let's be prepared our minds and hearts, as we gonna try our best to rule over the community there waahhah ( yikoko day dreaming~~~ lalalal dun care~~~ )

BEWARE!! the best is yet to come~~~

dark cave above u

i switch identity again today and poofed i go, i transform into a cableman.
i receive stringent instruction to fix, and connect cables above the ceiling, under the rooftop, in the office to maintain/upgrade the current office condition.

and so i come to accomplish my goals and up up up i climb using stacks of chairs on table tops without ladder. ( i dun understand why my office doesn't own a ladder ).

It's so dark up there, it's as if there is one deep cave for you to explore around. i was told that there are aliens hiding around the corners. i had better to be careful. but dun worry, i'm well equipped with a super high-techly made device, or so called a superhero gadget---> a torchlight to gain vision, as well as to defend off the evil aliens that may be hiding around.

Well, things go on smoothly, i din fell, no aliens attacked, and those cables fixed. ^_^ the only aftermath is that i'm now well coated with thick dusk that made me filthy and sneeze non-stop.

Wat an adventerous day at work! The End!

math math n math

i tot i'll get to escape from da world of calculating alien figures after graduating but, sigh... they just never stop bugging meeeeeee!!!

a glimpse of simple calculation :

chiang chiang~ i can conclude that i'm hired to do math lols.

table tennis aka ping pong, piang....

i can't believe i lost to my bro n dad in an in-house friendly match T__T
i used to beat them like 70% but now i find it hard to even win them omgss..

on the first day when da table arrives, they got pawned 99 but after like juz 2 weeks, my killing streaks had been ended and my divine rapier dropped. now i have to farm up a new dr to stop their winning streaks..

uurghh, ping pong, here i am, pawn u~~
oh no, first blood..

ta ta ta daaa~~~ chiang chiang!!!

after the long waited photos from graduation, i finally, am proud to present...

the photo of the millennium....

congratulate, to my grandma, for wearing my robe XDXDXD wahahahahaa.

the vocal people

a very nice vid n masterpiece by --- the vocal people. enjoy~

phrase of the day


during some chatting wif my colleague,
i've learnt one phrase which is commonly used in old days,
old days as in those time when my parents starting to work.

and the very phrase which is commonly used,
among/between the chinese and malay community is...


it's so widely used dat, instead of,
"eee, celaka!" can be replaced with "cina mampui!"
"cis, alemak!" can be replaced with "cina mampui!"

when a cat come to snatch away the food, "Cina mampui!!"
when someone fall down regardless of his/her race, "Cina mampui!"
when accidents occurred, "Cina mampui!"

and when some kids flunk their exams.......

after furthering some investigations, the teacher in charge found out
that those pupils only know what is "cina mampui" that they forgotten what
actual words are supposed to be used.

wat to do?
we are here, in dis LOVING country.

( dun catch me, isa or watever, dis is no sensitive issue as it was meant a joke to release stress )

sickness reign

gheee... many ppl is getting sick recently including me.
hope everyone out there take good care of urself and drink lotza water and of coz have ample rest!

dun dota liaw laa..lolz

bloggin routine

it has been a while since i last came back to my solitary medium because i thought i'd found another method to ease my emptiness. but as i ponder deep-depth, ther's no better place than here, where i can say watever things i wan, without having to think of anything, because this is my place, no one can control and restrict me of doing anything here.

sometimes i feel like screaming out loud, i feel like hitting my knuckle on the walls hard and suffocate myself up although it all alreadi taken place in my heart, but those sufferings do not seem to be having a halt, day by day they go deeper and deeper. all i wan is a peace of mind and a joyful heart, but minor things always catch up and stumble all da good elements that i wanted most. i duno how much i can endure any longer, but as i stand on solid ground, i will hold on to da very breath that i can breathe.

life is a cycle, yes, with ups and downs, they suppose to be evenly spreaded out but how come my circle has becoming flatten on the bottom part?


i'm gonna catch a pikachu!!!!

how far do u agree with this statement?

男人啊,记得不要找自己女人的好友做红颜。而女人,尽量不要变成你好友男人的知己。- 潶蒂琳


i'm very tired these days.
i onli afford to hav 6 hours most to sleep each day.

i dun think i can enjoy doing anythin when
my physical is totally drained up to its max.

i nid a recharge!!! yaaaaarrrghhh!!!
i nid a shock!! a very high voltage shock!!
someone plz do it for me~

which is which?

bah muai or bak moi??

juz a random stupid thing to do when i'm free in da company lolz.

jizz in my pant?

a video recommended by rag. nice hilarious vid. but i actualli duno wat's da meaning of... jizz in my pant..

bye bye yikoko

yikoko is sent to melaka....

ma lou

ma lou,
is a word introduced by D.
somehow it's related to something bad but no one knows wat actualli da meaning is. ( maybe some do but i just couldn't figure out what it is. )

D says, go ask kl ppl, they should know.
but i've asked a few, and they dun seem to know.
well, i guess i'll hav to ask everyone around here whether someone knows
wat's da real meaning?
ma lou?

yes u, ma lou...

i'm still with my outing cloths.. with tight jeans and belly appearing t-shirt on..
i dun feel i wanna do any other things but to look at the walls with my gloomy orangy lights on.
i'm such a stone.

someone plz crack this stone using a solid hammer.
i mean a real hard hammer that can slice this piece of rubbish into dust.

lying flat on da floor, tilting his head over one side and starring at the ceiling is juz wat he can do.
grow up and stop thinking bout urself plz,
ppl around u need ur help, stop being selfish.

yikoko u're such a bastard.

the show, not da big show, but lenka

a music i like a darn lot currently...sweeeeet... =)

short or long?

arggghh!! gonna go to do my haircut later.. ><
which one shud i choose this time?
i had many versions of hairdo previously as i'm always
inspired to have new looks, onli on my hair le T_T
so wat should i be choosing this time?

i wan constructive opinions!!
givit to me babeh!!!!! woow woow wow woww~
givit to meee babeeehh!!! wooowoowowoo!!
and alll gals say WOW for yikokooo!!

i'm feeling...

Yikoko is being very productive today tho he had slept late yesternite. Is it because he earned a table and a spot of his own in da office yesterday? Or is it he had a very nice breakfast before he gets to work? Or maybe there are some other reasons that are making him being so enthusiastic in the stuff he’s doing? God knows.. but yikoko is quite cheerful and lively today. Yay!

( p/s : the sky is crying outside but the heart shines XD ^__^ )

an odd encounter

yesterday, i went to dua bui yi's economic rice for lunch,
a place where da dish is good but somehow expensive if anyone
take things for granted and without not much a consideration.
for instance, i remembered D, having his lunch there, wif a total of rm 8 after
my recommendation to him eating there. To my dismay, i'm not well-thanked
but kena screwed pulak..

*** =.=! nx time no intro to D for new eating places. hng!

i took a taogua, potato, egg, and a vege. my mom and dad having
to eat together wif me had their portion of dishes and all together the
total sum was just rm 8.50. I told mom bout how much D spent on a single
meal and we both laugh. "uu lui lang si aneh kuan eh... " <-- one conclusion we
no offence D, but u realli are ma...

then then, da dua bui yi somehow stand beside me when i was half way having
my asam hu which is one of my fav. and say to my mom, "lu eh kia aneh sui, hamik su
bo seh ka zeh...."

i was thinking deep n depth, hamik sui? entao ka tiok.. sui??? = =!!
we all laughed.

wat an experience~

friday weee~

tomorrow friday looo...
happi happi happi!!
a break for 2 days during weekends is refreshing enuff.

gud bye my dear fren~

good bye to u my trusted fren~
la la la la la la la la la la~ ( forgotten da lyrics.. )
a fren of mine left to pursue on his studies to
have a closer step of becoming a real time doctor.
i'm kinda sad, that he left not only taking those joys away,
but also leaving this heavy loads of responsibilities to me.
plans, moderators, play-maker, anything.
even it's not juz one day that he left,
i alreadi feel dat something is very wrong,
i dun like this feelings, i realli dont.


wat a shock

it was dark and my head was spinning counterclockwise at 3000 revolutions per minute. as i open my room door with a feeling dat i gonna slam on my bed n sleep, suddenly something called me.. with a realli weird tone...

" gabriel~~~ lu dui lai liaw arr~~~ "

lema~ scare until almost lao cheh sai...
witw my aunt is sleeping in my room?? luckily she's sleeping on my bro's bed and not mine. abo i'll hav to sleep at da wooden sofa n let feed mosquitos my delicious bloood. ....

i have recently developed a new habit...

staring at my hp and taking it in n out of my pocket for some unidentified reasons.

life's getting better

with you guys around me, i can smile in the nites and balance out the boredom factors with chunks of excitements. and when i work, at least i can be encouraged to induce some hopes by looking forward to the night, where we gonna have some crazy enjoyable activities together.

we had bowling and pool last nite, and again our great master of pool and snooker mr lim KL taught us well in juz that short amount of time. some tricks and stuns were perfomed but again futile due to lack of practices, da screw back and stop ball worked, as well as placing back the ball back by hittin the clocking position and spinning it in spite of juz straight ball. and not forgettitng cushioning effect if u spin the ball. dat's enuff eye opening for me as a noob pool player. thx master lim !!

for bowling part, brother C seemed to be out of concentration due to da reasons we all knew. he scored da best last time when something was brought up to be bet. but this time, C scored da least~~ oh uh~~become noob ki... jia you nx time! dun xin bu zai yan~ ahhaha. and yes, this time R got his sharpening skills back and got a score of 121!! it's nothing compared to the profesionals but to me, it's alreadi something great~ as a noob, i onli scores 6+ to 8+ most T__T, i neeeeeed more practices!!

ahh, it's always fun to think wat we did, and wat we're gonna do... hope it last forever~ weeeeeee~

( p/s : curi-curi blogging when i'm asked to do some computer allocation data, shifting and installing. teee heee~ today not going site cal~~ wan eat snake ahhahah... )

yikoko's going to sp to perform an on site calibration on his own for the first time. :( help me.... hope i do not do anything wrong~~~ profile projector!! i'm coming for u!!!


we were educated from young that there are so much things in our lives that we are not allowed to do, for instance, as a kid, we were constantly reminded not to touch the boiler when it's boiling water, or not to play with matches whenever wherever. every time i'm told so, i've always have this sense of dissatisfaction deep down in my heart. why can't i do this, why can't i kick his butt, why can't i light the matches? it's so beautiful, it's like a magic, i wan magic~~~

but i never get to see those magics.... because i've always an obedient boy. not because that i'm such a good mama's boy, but i do detest the caning process if i break any of the rules. however, when i grow bit by bit, my curiosity grows as well and those not-to-do list are no longer not to be done. the boiling pot is extremely hot, yet i touch it. what i get is not just burns on my skin but also the sense of satisfaction. at least i know what is it to feel like when i touch a boiling pot... i may cry for pain but i do lessen some tights in my heart and that thruthfully relieves me. i guess it's always a joy to do wat the heart tell us to do.

but as we grow, things become more complicated. it's no longer the "listentotheheartthingy". in every steps u made, u need to be fully responsible, and that responsible is so great that sometimes it would leave a deep cut in ur heart for a long long time. so we think far more, we consider a lot of factors influencing, and we ponder too much a thing at a time. jobs, financial status, friends, future are becoming parts of the consideration in every thing we do, or even think, so sometimes it's always a better choice just to step down, pace down, and to ponder again and again, and again n again, until something is actualli over, then we'll have a more peaceful life, but maybe some regrets. i duno... shud i invest on shares? ( juz to be side-tracked )

nite nite my dear yiko
open skype sleep
let me listen to ur snoring
play "kiss"
hehehe nite =)

instead going to bed to sleep, i fainted.

i miss my life...

i feel so empty ever since i finish my 3 year course in university.
life has become a routine of work, rose, and yamchar, and i can assure that i'd accidentally added the radius of my belly bit by bit.

i feel very fatigue and weary every now and then, from early in the morning to even midnite yet i've not come across any solution to soothe them. my sleeps are no longer sounding as i can barely have sufficient rest. time moves faster than it used to be, and it is moving even faster day by day.

btw i'm not complaining bout working, as it is the way things are. but i think i must have mishandled my ways of living and screw up a little here and there. to amend that, i think it's time to slow down da pace and start thinking deep before things go worsen.

today is already 11th of jun, i owe someone something. but dun think dat matters anymore.


currently helpin out my parents at their office.
life's getting more realistic and my own time is getting lesser n lesser.
i'm doing more accounting rather than practising what i major in.
8-5 is gonna be my routine. nooooooooooooooooooooooooo~


they are realli maniacs.. lol..
sorri i dun mean to be rude, but this is wat i can say from signals sent from my eyes lol.
gals or guys.. they are all maniacsssss wakakaa~

no wonder they can be soooo darn good in so many aspects...


went hiking wif frens today.
i was da last one following behind, panting, breathing heavily.
i admit i'm weak, and lack of stamina when it comes to hiking.
my accumulating fat from doing nothing at home must have contributed to my clumsiness when i move. oh gosh... noooooo.. i dun wan to be like... hooho..

anyway, thx for asking me out.
i'll be bored to death if u guys did not approach me.
thx. ^^

unusual schedule

instead of confining himself in da same usual spot in front of computer,
yikoko went basketball-ing with his frens in the evening to breathe some fresh air.


life has being very unfair for me.
now that all of my misery had been put to a stop,
my entertainment too has being totally cut off.

even no one plays dota or even yamchar.

initially my plan was to have some fun after all the
hectic months of rushing thesis, fyp and exams, but
after all the tasks everything goes into ashes and
then thin air.

no trips, no outings, no shopping. n yes, no games.

maybe this is a sign of getting a job, n i mean it.

well, one sad thing is..
i dunno wat am i going to tell my frens when they ask,
hey dude, where did u go for ur vacation after graduating?
i would say, home sweet home :)

in my entire life in my uni,
i've juz got to go cameron. lol ftw.
3 years = 1 cameron

anyway i'm very lonely at this point,
perhaps i shud find a gf. lol. to be accompanied.
at least i won't feel alone that way.

burn baby burn

finally i'm getting some space to sit down and write wat i've been doing recently.

alright straight to the point, today's thursday, which means my study week will be ended in 3 days time. and yeah!! i still have to worry about my fyp stuff, writing thesis and having nightmares every single night thinking that my BELOVED Dr.sohail will ask me to go back to the lab to get more results. ( dr.sohail is my supervisor's name, dun get me wrong i'm not insulting him by changing his name to uknowwhatimtalking )

the good news is, me n my lab partner had decided not to go lab anymore, after getting burn under the sun for getting readings of our solar cells. talk about this, eh, there's a machine that can produce controlled intensity of lights, current n voltage in which usualli all people use it to test their solar cells, but ours is a different case. we have to climb up to the rooftop in the building of our school, to use our flesh to detect the heat n sunlight, then take our measurements using conventional idiotic ways. we knew the results will be more inaccurate, thinking about da ever changing condition of the sky, humidity, clouds, temperature, impurities of surrounding, angle of lights etc, yet we were forced to do it by dr.sohail's way. hooray. we got ourselves beautiful tanned body.

now that we finally got wat we think we should get, we packed everything down and ready to move back home, and dr.sohail appears in nowhere suddenly and say, "in 1 or 2 days time, u guys should go to the lab down there to get a better measurements using the machines where normally ppl use it to get the intensity." *faint* hooray again.

that's when we decided to call it an end by just manipulating the value we got earlier from the sun itself. i know it's wrong and it's not the way scientist should do it but, eh, there's exams coming on monday and i haven't being reading anything and there's much thesis to be done. i can't waste more days secluded in the lab and ignore the fact that there are exams coming.

everyone's busy doing their revision, some preparing viva, me? thesis, in which everyone already passed it up one week plus ago. well, i have this priviledge to hand it in late, the bad news is, the due date is during exam period. i'll have to make sacrifce on choosing whether to rush my thesis and ruin my exams, or the other way round. i feel so blessed?

alright i should get going now, what do i do next? alright, thesis i think. till then~

thicker than blood

blood is thicker than water but what is thicker than blood?

i was watching heroes latest episode and eating something i duno which my mom prepared. the fact is, da food itself is not so satisfying so i added them with new zealand manuka honey, n spread them with a glass tiny spoon.

while i'm enjoying both da movie n da food, a mosquito flew by and suck on the honey instead of me. well da honey must be thicker than my blood, that even mosquitos chose it. yea da honey saves my blood and i save the honey by eating them up fast before other mosquitos come by.

( p/s: the one mosquito dat came to my honey was pinched to death as it's trapped with the very high viscousity of the honey)

creatures that were screened

why must there always a relation between vampires and lycans??
why not kangaroo and panda instead?
or maybe penguin and dog or watever...

anyway a thought come to me,
which would i choose if i would to become:

a vampire that can fly but only can appear when there isn't sunlight and can only feed on blood;

or a lycan that can jump and climb with agile but couldn't even control when to eat.

anxious moment

going to get the results later from my prof. since he had taken my sample away 1 week ago to get his own data. For some reasons i dunno why he did that without our presence, perhaps he had already lost confidence in us in handling the fragile piece of masterwork since we mishandled and destroyed quite some samples before.

anyway what i'm gonna stress here is, how come he is not caring like other profs out there where they constantly ask their fyp students of their progression, their thesis, draft etc. my prof acts a little odd by totally ignoring all of those part i mentioned above and even worst, he kept the value attained from our sample. ??? witw ??? -____-''

i can't keep waiting d, later i plan to go kick his butt together with my partner.
who's with me?

slap me please

if there is someone slapping on my face now,
i would feel better, seriously,
coz i'm so carefree even tho ther's a test tomorrow,
and wat's worse is dat i can't even decide to study or not,
since i knew studying or not will lead me to the same result.

i do have a sense of guilt for choosing the latter,
but the evil side of me is oways surpassing and oppressing.
o my, i realli dun not wanna feed da wicked,
but sometimes i still give in, witw i'm talking?

well, every time ther's a test coming by,
u'll see me blogging even more frequent,
i guess that's the rule number of procrastination
and of coz a lazy bump who always speaks yet acts not.

[ p/s : asking someone to slap doesn't indicate that i'm someone who does SM or do watsoever related abusive action ]

break record

rm 11.60 for a packet of rice from kayu originial somewhere near BJ.
it includes 2 sotongs, 1 beef and 1 vege.
simply the most expensive rice i have ever had in my entire life, so far.

one word, best described....

GILA . . .

beats gone wild

i haven't being playing drum for the past 3 months already and my hands are becoming more rusty than ever. how come all the 16-beats and triplet are not working? anyway a small hooray, as i finally get to play for the service but it sounded a little odd, or is it my worship leader? meantime, my brother is feeling guilty for arranging me to be on the guitar list for 3 whole months.

"i just feel weird telling you... "

nothing here

you are special.
the glimpse of your look,
your coolness and your arrogance.

my mind captured each presence of yours,
and they never leave the warmly space of my heart.

2 weeks to go,
and all these sufferings will be gone.

the end?

i broke another fyp sample today.

i feel like jumping down from a tall tall building.
but i won't do it, it's a one way ticket to hell.

when can i finish my fyp and stop going to the freezing lab?

i'm counting down day by day but still it's going too slow.

am i too rush in completing wat i'm doing that i ruin what i do?
i think i am.

some spices of my life

a bowl of hot n spicy lai hoe tomyam maggi and a cup of ice blended red bean juice are something that will cool me down, from some accumulated stress to bad mood swings. they do not guarantee a 100% turnout, but at least they would make my life happier.

- and shortened my life, i guess -

close to you

~close to you...~

a vid i saw on youtube when i was crackin my head and knockin on the walls to distress, this wonderful believed-to-be mexican tween just took all my stress away ( for a short while ) with her appearance, and of coz ultimately her voice.

[ i purposely dl it and reupload it on blogger to try whether no blocks from schools' firewall, so that others may enjoy it especially at this hellish time, enjoy~ ]

pek cek

this happened when somebody is pek cek

the milo tin cap is inside the milo tin. how would dat occurred?

trying to retrieve the cap, it's hard ya noe? coz now u're more pek cek -__-!!

welcome to the world, where we face difficulties everyday. but keep in mind that nothing is too big for us to handle as we have our source of strength to rely on.

-to be shaped, we must first be moulded-

it's coming...

ok, it's smothering me...
and the heat is making my anxiety melts little by little...

when is enough?
am i to authorize to decide?

will go on...
shud be the least i can say...

Sungha Jung

eh w.t.f? apa name tu?
alright, it's someone from korean that D and P introduced to..
[ apparently they P and D are some sort like connected closely? omg... ]
and yeah Sungha Jung is really SOMEONE out there.. in youtube..
as far as i'm concern, he would be doing many other stuff like creating
new albums, cds, recordings etc throughout the entire universe.

for all guitar players and music lovers,
let us all, together we stand affirm in unison,
scream and shriek as we welcome Sungha Jung...

some peeps for the readers..

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Mission Impossible Theme

clap clap.. again... drooling.. jaws on the floor etc...
dun wish u were him lah, it isn't still enuff,
wish u were better than him XD.

( p/s : thx for the recommendation, i would have gone nuts without proper leisure )

valentine's day

valentine's day,
is a day when different types of people express different things
whether through action, verbal, or even thinking, thoughts.

a newly hot couples would busy thinking
what presents to buy for their love ones,
to make-up and dress up to kill all who put
their sights on whether intentionally or not.

some would struggle mapping for the "ideal" spot
to ( you fill in the blanks ) ... celebrate the day, as in
finding a suitable classy yet affordable restaurant,
to dine in and have their hearts talk to the moon.

as for more seasonal couples,
this would be more like a "responsibility",
or a "have-to-do-thingy", in order not to
get slapped or strangled, and the question will
usually arises, "where will we be celebrating this year?"

for newly wed couples,
this is the time when they usually get
settled down in a more quiet place,
to reminisce the past, how they spent
the very same day, years back then.

some will be a happy lad,
as they can earn lots by selling flowers, chocolates and gifts,
knowing people will spend their tolls trying to
please their other half, without realizing whether
they are robbed willingly. who cares? as long u happy,
me happy!! win-win situation wut??

i'm categorized in this part which i'm going to explain,
the part where we have nothing to do, besides online,
knowing that half of the contact list would be offline,
trying to act like there's nothing actualli happening outside,
and thinking wat will we be doing if, we have our roles to play.

all in all, this is juz my thinking. no offence to anyone. no hard feelings.
and yikoko, yokoko, yikoyiko, or yokiki is here to wish everyone here
"Have a meaningful valentine's day! "

nobody - wonder girls

would like to share a very nice vid and song which i found very entertaining, introduced by reis.

for those who wanna feel like a korean and sing like one...
i'd provided the singalong text so that u can sing n dance like them -___-!!

You Know I still Love You Baby. And it will never change.

I want nobody nobody but you
I want nobody nobody but you.
nan dareun sarameun shirheo niga animyeon shirheo
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

nan shirheunde wae nal mireonaeryeogo hani jaggu naemareul deutji anhgo
wae ireohke dareun namja-ege nal bonaeryeo hani eoddeohke ireoni

nal wihae geureohdan geu mal neon bujokhadaneun geu mal
ijen geumanhae neon nareul aljanha wae weonhajido anhneungeol gangyohae

I want nobody nobody but you
I want nobody nobody but you.
nan dareun sarameun shirheo niga animyeon shirheo
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

I want nobody nobody but you
I want nobody nobody but you.
nan dareun sarameun shirheo niga animyeon shirheo
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

nan joheunde nan haengbokhande neoman isseumyeon dwae deo baralge eobtneunde
nugul mannaseo haengbokharan geoya nan neol ddeonaseo haengbokhal su eobseo

nal wihae geureohdan geu mal neon bujokhadaneun geu mal
mari an dwoeneun marigan geol wae molla niga eobshi eoddeohge haengbokhae

I want nobody nobody but you
I want nobody nobody but you.
nan dareun sarameun shirheo niga animyeon shirheo
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

I want nobody nobody but you
I want nobody nobody but you.
nan dareun sarameun shirheo niga animyeon shirheo
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

I don't want nobody body. I don't want nobody body.
naneun jeongmal niga animyeon niga animyeon shilhdan maryeo-ahhh

I want nobody nobody but you
I want nobody nobody but you.
nan dareun sarameun shirheo niga animyeon shirheo
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

I want nobody nobody but you
I want nobody nobody but you.
nan dareun sarameun shirheo niga animyeon shirheo
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

Back to the days when we were so young and wild and free
modeunge neomuna ggumman gateodeon geuddaero doragago shipeunde
wae jaggu nareul mireo naeryeohae
Why do you push me away. I don't want nobody nobody
Nobody nobody but you.

enjoy! ^^

i AM back tadaa~

yeshh... yikoko is back with his new templates, his new blogskins weeeee~ after numerous editing and attempts, here comes da howling wolf as the main theme for this year. i know it's lame, ppl usualli make new stuff when da date hits 20090101, but me?? not even something significant. aiyah.. who cares? i juz feel i have the time to change since it has becoming boring to me -__-!! . so all ppl out there, plz love my new skiiiinsss...

unsatisfied niu nian beh syiok nia..
cny holiday ended so fast...
i can still remember clearly what
i did last week with all my buddies..

then samo after dis holiday
gonna lock myself in the nanolab..
to redo my fyp samples from almost beginning.
duhhhh.... i dun like i dun like i dun like..

samo samo many tests n assigns coming up
queuing like the marching ants preparing
to conquer me. die lo. dun wan laaaa...

this cny,
meet a lot of frens,
but still a lot of frens are missing to be met.
some remain buddy, frenly,
some change totally, become stranger, n lansi. lol
( duno le, just judging from my view of point onli,
sori le, if i misjudge, and sori i'm in no position to judge )

all in all,
i realli appreciate this short holiday
as most of my treasured frens n buddies
were back and we get together for almost most of the time XD
tho' i could onli afford to sleep like 4 - 5 hours per day
but the fatigues are worth.

there goes our holiday,
let's look forward wat's gonna happen next!
till then~
yikoko is charging~ yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~
die b**ch!!! eh? :p lolx ^^! = =!!

angel's wing

i was knocked down hardly and fell on the floor
when i try to do a fake move to pass some fella
during a ball match.
( i was jumping in the air when he jumped and
knocked me down, this is the least i could remember )

amazingly, there wasn't any scratches nor injuries,
as i felt something must had hold me back and
gently put me down the floor.

thank God that my head doesn't hit on the floor when
i fall helplessly from a high ground.
thank God for His protection on me each and everyday.
i believe it's the works of God that i still
live on until this very day.

intel gg jor?

Intel is shutting down 5 plants nationwide and 2 of them are in penang.
6k ppl are expected to lose their jobs, and in nicer polite words,
they will be transferred to other facilities. Of coz this is the only thing
intel could speak of, to at least defend so to speak their reputation
from tumbling down at the corporate ladder. Some even preached
that da shutting down was the best chinese new year gift to Malaysian.
Starting from intel, would cause a massive chain reaction to related
fields and many more companies will be force to shut down in no time.
This means there will be A LOT MORE jobs cut coming on and it's realli
freaking all of us out there, especially those who are gonna grad n search
for jobs like ME!! This, is not the worst scenario that we encounter as
i believe many are up to come when more companies weather the
economic storm that should, get many of us killed, or maybe sacrificed.

Well, not all would lament, as hawkers, food industries and the likes would
probably burning firecrackers to celebrate CNY in conjunction with the
announcement mentioned above, as their working status would be boosted
up high-heaven while others affected will fall to their knees and weep.
Besides, government sectors would likely not to be affected as much as how
they survive during the economic crisis 1997. Maybe i can be a teacher,
who teaches simple stuff at any secondary school when i'm offered no jobs?

Each and everyday i could hear jobs cut at anywhere and workers retrenched.
How long shud i endure, from all these frightening nitemares that lead me with
no good night sleeps? Am i the only one suffering from it?
Let me hear the voice(s) of the affected ones and that we can stay affirm,
hand in hand, to boost our lowly confidence by having constructive opinions
and discussions.

RMK = =!

my fyp partner and I ruined our samples with our own hands,
by accident of coz, but sorry no cure,
we got to do all of it all over again.
sad sad sad sad sad sad sad

today is the beginning of something,
and it's a sign with good future,
hope everything goes fine.

(p/s : i'm not thirst of the worldly ingredient,
but i would love to have abundance of love, joy, peace )

deadline at stake

it's happening...

will it be the one?
or it is just another passing by...

it's revealing
pretty soon....
i can't wait any longer...
someone plz hit me with a baseball stick
i dun wan to be worrying with this tense anxiety

somebody do something!!

those who have ears, let them hear.

"Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world,
but be transformed by the renewing of your mind." romans 12:2

yesterday i was writing sumthing bout dis, and it turned out my pastor
preaching bout it juz now. God speaks, man...all become crystal clear now.

ok i admit it.

yes, i did tumbled for that tempt.
it almost got me,
note the word ALMOST,
as my past evoked how painful it is,
when i chose a distorted path of my own.
but i got to be grateful of the past,
so that this time i do not,
plunge into deeper darkness.

tho' the entice is wide,
my eyes are kept closed n hands clasped
as i seek first the permission from higher authority
before i devastate everything again.

i'm always reminded of being special,
as God made us all special, in His image,
so i hope i can stand firm,
and not sway by the pressure of the crowd,
to pursue what they know little of.

i'm having wars between my mind n heart
each time this reoccurs in my thoughts,
hope it all will fade,
as i believe time is the best medicine,
for all that it takes.

dun worry, taken care.

yes, i...
bought granny meals so dat she won't starve,
dried up our family clothes and keep them b4 rain,
fed ours n neighbour's dogs so that they will keep on being fat,
helped up granny whenever she has difficulties doing stuff ( now she hardly moves )
and do those house chores every single day.

mom n dad, plz come back fast!!!!

what is love?

oisheh.. now talking bout love pulak = =!!
no larr, actualli it's juz somethin a fren sharin his opinion wif me.
here i gonna korek out everything he told me
coz i think it's good and true? let's see.

it's a feeling lai, cannot teach one.
when u fall in love,
you feel like holding her hand and hug her
when she's close to you.

it's a feeling that make u want to be
more than friends.
and and, you wil miss her lo.

is something that like a must,
without her it's like u lost ur soul,
lost energy, ( bo lat lol ).

you will have a crush first,
then it will slowly become love.
but u cannot wait too long,
later the chance fly.

wahhh so chim leh...
but i enjoy talking to that fella.
coz he realli does clear up my mind.
tho i'm stil confusing. lol. crap.

and the most interesting part is from
the last paragraph,
where you have to be at the
right time to be in love,
not too earli as u mite be having crush onli,
and not too late or the chance would
be taken by sumone else ad.
so i guess love needs timing afterall.

the finished journey

I think i'm done,
for the involuntarily involvement.

The string is now cut apart,
where there should be no sign of attachments,
anymore, at least, i assume.

I learnt something throughout the process,
as i begin to find "life" in me,
now i have more feelings,
now i'm not so numb,
that now i have affections.

Sometimes i would think it's best
to build some distances,
so that i won't step on others' toes.
and so others can live happily without
my intrusion, that could trespasses their
peaceful territory.

On the contrary,
i realize i am just too coward,
to face new challenges,
afraid of being reject,
unwilling to move from my comfort zone,
stagnant and yes, stiff-neck to the very end.

i'm beginning to believe.
That life of mine isn't that suck afterall.
There is still room for love and feeling to fade.
And if i'm given the privilege this time,
i hope that's the right one.

i should move on,
i mean i must have,
ohhh.... i think i had.

seeing what is unseen

i am acting a little weird each time i glance
i know i wanna look more but something's holdin me back
something's restricting and restraining but it does help
to cut off additional affections, is it self-protection?

i hope wat i see is not a delusion.
ohh i'm acting very strangely because of these.
i'm confused, my mind is entangling my heart and vice versa.
it's time my soul comes and take up the lead?

the ENG thingy

yENG, with all those gadgets completing the casual street looks, punky little princess.
kENG, with skills performed by those tiny little fingers, jiggling up n down of the equipment, sounding the perfect ambience, at the right time, at the perfect spot.
lENG, with the combination of yeng n keng, it's just leng. pure leng.

all geared up

i'll be having a tough day tomorrow, eh i mean later on,
i'm prepared ( by having ample sleeps and mind ready),
come on baby,
lai lah,
mali mali home!

it healed!

thank God my dog is now fully healed!

it has been screaming a lot lately, it can't bark, can't eat, and can't even move properly,
but now, it's all alright.

the whole family is rejoicing! thank God..

striking question that stuns

i was having a conversation wif a church fren. She's told that i'm taking pure physics as my degree. After much deeper chat, she was informed that i would be applying engineering fields after my graduation. Then she asked, "then wat fields are u interested in?"

i paused, for some time, but still i wasn't able to give her a good answer.

have i ever spend time to ponder what i realli interested in? as in working aspect.
it's time to lay back off, and think seriously. i still have half a year to go onli.

wc3 mafa td

ishh...gettin addicted to mafa tower defense from warcraft3.
me n my frens tried a few days in a roll and we did cracked our heads
to find a perfect formation and strategies to resolve, but still we lost.
i guess that's the most interesting part of the game, in which we discuss,
teamwork, donate, and squeeze out all our brain juice to the fullest.

still trying to win. any help?

little did i know

my hp seems like needing me more that i need it.

for those who know me, knew i'm not a gadget freak who fancies latest tech.
my hp is for calling n receiving calls, sms, sometimes mp3, camera, n dat's it.
i'm low profile, as in nobody will contact me unless something big, like, my mom,
will phone me b4 lunch time to check whether i will be eating at home.
and as my own nature, i seldom contact others too. onli they are needed.
for example, i will call my fren to accompany me to eat when i'm hungry coz
i hate eating alone.

anyway, the main thing isn't about eating, as the 2 examples above are all about eating.
wat i wanna say is dat each time when my credit runs low, sometimes negative, or my
battery's flat, then that's the time when i was needed most. lol. believe me.

it's like a jynx or sumthing, when i have my phone on, wif ample of credits,
it seldom rings, unless i'm wanted by my fren, to accompany them eat and so. but when it
comes to the situation described above, then i'll be wanted, to be contacted.

modern plane

Mr.A uses whatsoever method that he could think of to contact Mr.B of an upcoming event. Nevertheless, Mr.B was always out of reach due to some unforeseen circumstances.
SO? at the end of coz Mr.B didn't not attend the event because he didn't make any promise.
In response, angry Mr.A claimed that Mr.B is an aeroplaner. ( i'm not talking about pilot ).

Jeez, it's easy to become an aeroplaner nowadays, if we are to apply what mentioned above.

( note : Mr.A and Mr.B are just a random character inputed, it could represent a guy/girl/man/woman/groupofpeople/dog/cat/fungus, so dun get kaboom urself lol, and i'm NOT referring u, yes i mean you, the one reading this! )

this column,

is for me and u to say anything u wan... come on, bring it on~