dark cave above u

i switch identity again today and poofed i go, i transform into a cableman.
i receive stringent instruction to fix, and connect cables above the ceiling, under the rooftop, in the office to maintain/upgrade the current office condition.

and so i come to accomplish my goals and up up up i climb using stacks of chairs on table tops without ladder. ( i dun understand why my office doesn't own a ladder ).

It's so dark up there, it's as if there is one deep cave for you to explore around. i was told that there are aliens hiding around the corners. i had better to be careful. but dun worry, i'm well equipped with a super high-techly made device, or so called a superhero gadget---> a torchlight to gain vision, as well as to defend off the evil aliens that may be hiding around.

Well, things go on smoothly, i din fell, no aliens attacked, and those cables fixed. ^_^ the only aftermath is that i'm now well coated with thick dusk that made me filthy and sneeze non-stop.

Wat an adventerous day at work! The End!

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