the vocal people

a very nice vid n masterpiece by --- the vocal people. enjoy~

phrase of the day


during some chatting wif my colleague,
i've learnt one phrase which is commonly used in old days,
old days as in those time when my parents starting to work.

and the very phrase which is commonly used,
among/between the chinese and malay community is...


it's so widely used dat, instead of,
"eee, celaka!" can be replaced with "cina mampui!"
"cis, alemak!" can be replaced with "cina mampui!"

when a cat come to snatch away the food, "Cina mampui!!"
when someone fall down regardless of his/her race, "Cina mampui!"
when accidents occurred, "Cina mampui!"

and when some kids flunk their exams.......

after furthering some investigations, the teacher in charge found out
that those pupils only know what is "cina mampui" that they forgotten what
actual words are supposed to be used.

wat to do?
we are here, in dis LOVING country.

( dun catch me, isa or watever, dis is no sensitive issue as it was meant a joke to release stress )

sickness reign

gheee... many ppl is getting sick recently including me.
hope everyone out there take good care of urself and drink lotza water and of coz have ample rest!

dun dota liaw laa..lolz

bloggin routine

it has been a while since i last came back to my solitary medium because i thought i'd found another method to ease my emptiness. but as i ponder deep-depth, ther's no better place than here, where i can say watever things i wan, without having to think of anything, because this is my place, no one can control and restrict me of doing anything here.

sometimes i feel like screaming out loud, i feel like hitting my knuckle on the walls hard and suffocate myself up although it all alreadi taken place in my heart, but those sufferings do not seem to be having a halt, day by day they go deeper and deeper. all i wan is a peace of mind and a joyful heart, but minor things always catch up and stumble all da good elements that i wanted most. i duno how much i can endure any longer, but as i stand on solid ground, i will hold on to da very breath that i can breathe.

life is a cycle, yes, with ups and downs, they suppose to be evenly spreaded out but how come my circle has becoming flatten on the bottom part?


i'm gonna catch a pikachu!!!!

how far do u agree with this statement?

男人啊,记得不要找自己女人的好友做红颜。而女人,尽量不要变成你好友男人的知己。- 潶蒂琳


i'm very tired these days.
i onli afford to hav 6 hours most to sleep each day.

i dun think i can enjoy doing anythin when
my physical is totally drained up to its max.

i nid a recharge!!! yaaaaarrrghhh!!!
i nid a shock!! a very high voltage shock!!
someone plz do it for me~

this column,

is for me and u to say anything u wan... come on, bring it on~