sick liaw leh..

i got my ass up early this morning thinking to go audit class, mana tao papa suddenly say " wei, u park that car under the tree for 3 days ad, faster go swa chiah ( move your car ) ". then after i park the car inside the house, he say " wei so lasam! go clean it! " coz now the car is filled with bird's dropping and latex...............i'm so think of it, he's not wrong to ask me clean the car, but it does spoil my early mood of trying to get up early and to feel like going to my audit class.

so in my childish retaliation, i waited them to go work first, then have my self made mash potatoes + cheese for breakfast, and then headed to... CAR WASH CENTER!! muahahaha.. paid for RM5 and feel kamuan ( satisfied ) tho it's not that clean afterall but it's damn lot better than before the wash. and, looking at the oil meter, i think it's time for me to feed the car up, so i go to petrol station nearby and, without further hesitation i say "FULL TANK!!". i was thinking that since it's a 1.3 proton iswara, full tank prolly would cost RM 90 ++ cost last time my 1.5 wira was at RM 100. hell ya but it proves me wrong when i see the fuel meter keep going as it passes RM90, RM100, RM 110 and finally stop at RM 113. WTFFFFFFFF!! this 1.3 proton iswara has a bigger tank than the wira?

boh mood d lah... earli in the morning nia alreadi used up RM 120 for the car. then frown a while lo and grumble and go back home to calculate my money left for the month. feeling very unease coz second day of the month nia spend so much ad, how am i going to survive some more with some friends that so "gien" ( addicted ) to hobbies like going to the cinema on weekly basis.

some more today sick la, since last nite d, got slight fever, cough, headache, running nose, weak body and dizziness. no wonder i forgot to switch off my car light during my nite class. crap! luckily was driving myvi since the car is still new, if not i'll have to push back the car -.-!

now i'm sweating with my shirts on, but i still feel cold outside~~ die lah... hope my sick worsen so ppl can get notice me~ <--- what am i talking???

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AuTuMnBabY September 3, 2008 at 3:03 AM  

haha...u're craving for attention meh??? but at times, i do have the same feeling too...tis world is too busy for ppl to concern for u if u're juz slightly sick...ppl tend to say "aiya, beh si eh la(cannot die one la)"

somehow, take care yo~~
now is my midterm season, free to die not free to sick leh~~haha...

wah, my fren's only rm93 tat day i go pump for her, 1.3 iswara oso, her tank summore modify b4 one, as in modify frm smaller to bigger one, den urs...i duno liao~~

brenda September 3, 2008 at 7:37 AM  

why blaming ur sickness for causing you forget to switch off ur car light huh....i think it bcz u r careless yokoko.....go and see doctor la...dun worry...go to's foc!take care...

Loreta September 10, 2008 at 1:20 AM  

Haha! My full tank cost about RM 80++ niah..

So many days didn't come liao I think you recover already gua..
No need ask are you ok liao..

this column,

is for me and u to say anything u wan... come on, bring it on~