hot like pancakes...

WOW, i'm sweating like a pig even in my own living room.
i had my 2 fans on, one beside me ( tho not very near la, about 2m away ) and another cling on the roof one. but still, i could feel stickiness on my back, on my hands and other parts of my body. ( dun simply think elsewhere ha.. )

life's getting miserable, the weather mood swings like an emotional teen gal who's having PMS and we, da victims are prone to all these calamities! dis sadness.

why do i say so?

Eg. 1
-- > i wanna go out play ball also hav to pray b4 going out, coz sometimes
the clouds suddenly change dark and some downfall of skyjuices = ball session cancel !!

Eg. 2 -- > sometimes mood syiok, wanna go out kai kai, suddenly "shhhh.. then piakkk... roarrr!! ta ta ta td ad a a ta tata.......+ watever sounds u can imagine lah... " then spoilt the mood d, coz scared of ma huan ma. so ended up staying in the cage again.

Eg. 3 -- > another example, whether soooo damn hot, i wanna do wat also beh song. even in the middle of playing games and u pawned ppl 99 liao still cannot feel da "syiok". ARghh.. feel like making my hole living room air conditioned. anyway it's not up to my decision also.

Eg. 4 -- > the whether switches too faz ledi, until my personalities become split! SO in the struggle of switching back to the norm one, time got procrastinated n ended up i didn't attend class! ( bwahahaha... this one lame. dun wan go class say lah, blame whether pulak!!! kakaka )

but still, some may ask, why dun u get a shower to reduce heat in the body, so when u come out u can feel refresh and recharge?

i tel them, i dun like a spark on the pan. macam temporary happiness. after u bathed, u do feel song coz cool n refresh BUT that's juz a while onli. after that u'll feel the heat hitting u harder wave by wave n u'll sweat in no time again. SO? got use mehhhh? summore after u bath, u change to ur new cloths ad, then sweat again. your clothing soaked wif sweat again! aduh. ma huan lah..

so all in all, how leh?
stay in my own room. turn on air con. and sleep 99 la. now got time dun wan sleep, exam time onli grumble say no time! wTf lah...!!

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private TS August 31, 2008 at 10:03 PM  

staying in the cage again? your definition for your BIG house a cage!!!

Take a bath is not enough...i have that problem too...know how i solve it...i shift to Cameron( aha this time i get the spelling correct)

bug September 1, 2008 at 1:22 AM  

Wa! You really can blame the whether song song loh! Yalah! The whether is no good lah.. But hor, actually hor..

I don't like this whether also, haha!
Always make me feel like wanna sick..

yikoko September 1, 2008 at 2:45 AM  

er hem.. actualli hiorrr.....
guys n gals if u look carefully,
i type da word "whether" instead of the correct word "weather" muahaha. i find it out when i do a preview, but lazy to correct it.

SO here it is, wif nobody recognising it. muhahahaa.........

yikoko September 1, 2008 at 2:48 AM  

ts : oh paiseh lo, i mean my house lo. haa but not big la. move to cameron? wise choice, but i would hav move to cameroon!! where i can kick bola everywhere n mayb be a footbal star? lolx. [ slap slap me, stop dreaming! slap me again ]

bug bug : yea forgot to say about dat, da ever changing weather makes me feel more prone to sickness. n my immune system is dropping. grrr.

Loreta September 10, 2008 at 1:22 AM  

Then are you ok actually?

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