random thoughts 081008

it's 348am in the morning.
i'm sleepy and about to sleep but sud
hav dis urge of blogging, so i'm here tadaaa~

i duno why i'm here, shud have been studyin for tests.
i think i nid lessons to teach me until i'm learnt. lol.
i'm a spoilt boy, sometimes i didn't even wash up my dishes.
my mom oftenly hav to wake me up for classes n even to attend church.
i always made my grandma worry me, of sleeping late n also waking up late.
my dad stil fix up my spoilt sandals in which i could do it on my own.
sometimes i forgot to feed my little doggie and it barks me back for being forgetful.
sometimes i didn't pray b4 i sleep. i'm so bad.
sometimes i didn't bring the garbage outside the house for dumpin.
sometimes i'm not helpful eventho i'm free and able to.

i befriended many new frens recently...
mostly thro meetoto.
some can chat long, and realli reminisce the icq era.
some can sing well, yet i commented on them a lot.
some play guitar there, and we exchange our thoughts n opinions greatly.
and before long i realise i should have spent my time studying
in spite of meetoto-ing n blogging here.

( i limit myself to spend onli 10 minutes in blogging this, n yes i did it! )

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bug bug October 8, 2008 at 11:55 AM  

You geng lahh..
Can only spend 10min.
I'm very 'fan' because I couldnt write anything I want even in own blog..

Study study...
Wait lah~~~
When wanna supper again?

this column,

is for me and u to say anything u wan... come on, bring it on~