today my mom cooked porridge.
tho it has oyster, pork, fish, corns and others,
i still couldn't find it to my, liking. < -- picky me
as a mama's boy, have to eat lah,
tho i dun like it, but it's mom's effort of cooking.
shudn't complain much so as i stuffed it inside my stomach.

dat was at noon,
when dinner comes, the same porridge was served again.
coz mom cooked too much, or she purposely cooked it that much,
so that we can enjoy the delicious food which my family likes it, but me.
i'm not picking da food u cook mom,
i juz dun like porridge.

every bite in my mouth, make me think of mcdonalds. lol.
as u all had known me, i'm a mcdonalds fanatic,
and i crave for it very often, as much as even i'm eating porridge.

anyhow, dat makes me more sinful,
when i couldn't concentrate during church service at night.
sometimes i attend church on saturday nite so dat i can wake
up late on sunday morning lol. lazy me. sigh.
my mind kept thinking of mcd throughout the whole sermon,
keep on thinking dat i'll go greenlane's mcd drive-thru after it
n get the sets n nuggets i craved for!
*sigh* i wish i could have such an urging craving for da word of God
instead of the worldly bread - mcdonalds.

anyway, mcds are not healthy.
yet, i choose to eat them sometimes.
no wonder there are so many smokers in our world,
knowing they will die even sooner.

this column,

is for me and u to say anything u wan... come on, bring it on~