finding out a way...

previously, i've not been able to sleep well in the nites due to many reasons.
i did not do much stuff throughout the whole day, as in lack of more
energy burning activities as i frequently sit on my table desk, computer desk,
and juz driving around which is all about sitting down without straining much
of my other muscles. that makes me kinda of becoming sedentary lifestyle
with less work outs. in addition to that, my exercise routine seemed to be screwed
up with the raining seasons n my lack of determination n interest as well.

to be honest, i like to do sports with my friends. it's fun, challenging, n motivating.
but nowadays ppl tend to become more ignorant n choose to sleep instead when
they have got the time spared. i wouldn't blame anyone of them coz everyone mite
have different lifestyle, as they would have had hectic days frequently unlike me.
that makes me lazed up recently to even jog around the neighbourhood.

next is my overlong sleeping time. sometimes i slept for 10 hours, which makes my
back aches and sometimes i feel even more tired. and every bits of this cycles made me
so fussed and sometimes insomnia.

anyway, i'm having tests and assignments due dates, which are getting very close,
and i suddenly become a 'good boy' by sleeping earli and waking up earli. besides,
i even when for cycling at morning n evening, and other exercises which make me more
energetic throughout the whole day. i no longer have those 'sleepy looks' and i look younger!
oh God must have been helping me to change myself, to a better one. Thank You Lord!

-because God gives us everything, we owe him all our praise-

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ThienSing October 16, 2008 at 12:57 PM  

ajak u football, u tak mau...

now blame ppl choose to take a nap instead of playing basketball with u!!

yikoko October 16, 2008 at 1:59 PM  

no la.. i didn't.
that day test so near le..
have to burn burn burn oil...

it rains..after dat.. lol

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