wat can i do?

i am nt sleeping again, nt b'coz of insomnia, nor burning midnite oil,
but my brother locked the room we're sharing. he is not waking up
to unlock the door eventho i tried knockin the door not-too-loud to
prevent waking up my parents. big d laah, i dun wan my parents to
wake up in the middle of nite and to worry me.

i did not give up so easily, yet. there must be some ways, i thought
for a while. hence i try calling him using my mobile, but to my dismay
my line was expired, and i forgot to top up. crap. perfect timing. then
i start making weird sounds and calling him by the door n windows
but i think that went fail too due to the sound of rains and thunders.
yes, it's raining cats n dogs and now i'm stranded at the living room
to camp.

alrite, i switched off the lights, and lie down on the couch, n shut my eyes.
thinking that will do da magic but it disappoints me again when i hear
the kuku-sound of my neighbour's clock. Kuku, kuku, kuku, n again kuku....
it must be 4 in the morning. some one help me. i nid rest, n i nid a place to sleep.
it's so cold in the nites when the is heavy rain pourin from the sky n i couldn't
get any blankets to wrap myself into a.... clampshell? ( panda dun laugh ) to
keep warm. duhz..

it all went well leading me here,
and now here am i, blogging, in the mood of sleepingbutcant.
n those mosquitos, better stop sucking my blood.....

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PåñÐã October 18, 2008 at 4:23 PM  

hahahahaha~ too bad u don't have the chance to clampshell-ized urself~ hoho~
But how come ur brother locked the door O.o

yikoko October 18, 2008 at 5:07 PM  

how would i know.. (",)?

he woke up at 9 today, then
i straight run to my bed n
bissk. sleep like a dead man.

this column,

is for me and u to say anything u wan... come on, bring it on~