1st day 1st smile

it is first day of the sem, everything starts anew but how long can this feeling dwells?

everyone carries new hopes in their hearts hoping they will work harder, play harder, attend more classes, and obtain better results. but do they realli put the efforts on? or is it just another dream they dreamed?

old faces seem new, and new faces definitely seem newer.
it's this 1 short month holiday that makes us all well-gap again.

before school starts, i feel dying to meet many ppl around the school n to have fun with.
now i feel like driving back home swift after class. oh gosh, wat am i thinking. i think i'm sensitive.

anyway, a bad day ends with a good start as i re-meet this fren, a long lost fren. we chatted long hours as we settle down our own feelings and off we go, to our separate ways. i'm merrier now, thx.

this column,

is for me and u to say anything u wan... come on, bring it on~