worn out march

time flies whenever one is busy...
now is alreadi 26th of march 2010, and here i'm finally let loose a little bit.

Today no field trips/site cal or watever u like to call it, i was assigned to read some procedures specifically today due to the responsibility i held in my hand for handling the PT testing from NML ( National Metrology Laboratory ). I'm also being assigned to do the hardest calibration ( as far as i'm know ) on dimensional part which is to calibrate block gauges. I understand the importance of upholding such jobs as i was told to acquire approve signatory from Standards of Malaysia by this coming august.

Given work over time, i've long discarded the projects given on DMM and Spectophotography. I think i'm gonna get screwed for not being able to obtain accreditation, for particularly this two. Well i hope A-company will help me with one of the scopes in return of favor that we helped them last time.

I've been working in and out, not being able to stay in my own lab for almost 3 weeks, and i'm kinda worn up until there's a time i even think of giving up this job. I'm so glad today's friday, that i can put away all these for a rest for 2 days during weekend.

Realli looking forward for the retreat this coming june, hopefully we all can rest our mind peace.

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